Drop Party for NFTs?

tl;dr: Let us host in game giveaways of NFTs where participants can loot NFTs!

Hey y’all! Spent a couple decades in RuneScape and a really fun activity that many would host and go to for many reasons, including marketing their guilds or friend’s chats, flexing, having fun, or hosting more interactive giveaways during streams are for parties. In RuneScape any item you drop take some time for other’s to see. So people run around dropping valuable items and the party goers run around standing where that person just dropped. If you stand where they were and are the first to click the item when it appears, you might pickup worthless cabbage or a really nice item! Items start appearing one after another quickly and it’s a fun moss pit. They’ve also got a balloon room where you can load the items into an interface and then the balloons fall around the room and the items are dispersed to select balloons.

I’d be fun in the future to be able to load up NFTs into some sort of device, maybe inside our private Spaces, and have it drop the loaded NFTs around the space or around the open world. Doing this with in game gear as you could atm feels lame. But with NFTs, I’m sure many would leverage this kind of giveaway for community building and expanding their following on streams, guilds, etc.

Another option could be maybe loading up the NFTs into a portal machine and then a portal appearing in the middle of our private space with a dungeon loaded up with the NFTs. That way the loot would be distributed based on RNG. No team size or comp, just a huge race to clear the map. Maybe make mobs appear randomly through the map, so people don’t need to depend on speed running and disperse throughout the map hunting down mobs. Imagine 100 NFTs looted by many players in a single dungeon. Or no dice/RNG on drops, person to kill the mob assigned with the NFT gets it. Space owner can set the settings maybe if possible.

In game interactive giveaways of some sort hosted by players would be a lot of fun and help build the respective communities involved.