Drop Rates for Higher Level Players

Edited based on Big Time team confirmation that Silver pass players have same drop rates as gold

All throughout Gold phase, drop rates were extremely inconsistent with some players earning up to 2-3x the NFTs than other players who were doing the same content and amount of hours played. The majority of NFT drops, and specifically rare, epic, legendary NFTs went to the lowest level player in the group. For example, as a level 45, I would often see the NFT loot go to players in the 30-35 range in my same group. There is also a lack of high dungeons 50+ making it difficult to progress through challenging content.

These claims have been observed by numerous Gold pass players who have dedicated countless hours to this game over the past month. So I ask, why are those that have invested the most into this game and have grinded the most to reach the highest levels now being penalized?

Whatever variables are being factored into the NFT drop rates are highly unfavorable to the most dedicated players/investors who have grinded the most and have progressed through the content. Devs, please consider a resolution asap.


As a silver player looking at how gold peeps are playing… Now I don’t want to judge, this is not my point but I see gold peeps just apeed running the whole thing and basically leaving all the dungeon with mobs, just doing the objectives, boom bosh boss room and move on to the next one.
My question is have you guys read patch notes? Because from what I’ve understood the whole point is that drop rates decreases if you’re not actually idk… Exploring or adventuring?
In that note… I played with gold peeps in a party of 6 for 17 hrs and we did everything in the dungeons (because I’m a newbie and such+ this is our game style) I do wanna point out the most of us got variable nfts.

I actually think this is a good thing, so it will keep the whole party together rather some specific individuals just rushing the whole thing to only just get NFTs. Like we see there are a lot of factors to the drop rate, we just need to know more about the factors that are affecting + if you think about it… This f2p player watching a game that most of players get nfts all the time (through let’s say streaming) and then he comes in when drop rates are haha really bad- him getting none for a while… I don’t think will do a positive effect.
We just need more understanding about it, at least for the EA period.

About prices of stuff dumping… Well did you thought about why?
By why I mean why it should go up? What’s going on in the general market?
There’s no much interest for let’s say a f2p player to buy something for a game that’s not out there yet, the world goes not for a good place right now, just mess, stress and panic in general- to me that’s the tip of why prices drop. Will that stay like that for ever? No one knows… Things have ups and downs and idk about you but I think that all good and there’s no actual real pressure because we’re just in the beginning of everything


Where is this written in the patch notes?

Well I am a gold pass player.

First, I don’t think there is such update saying that if u explore or kill everything, you will have higher drop rate. There is only one thing is if your level is significantly higher than the dungeon level, drop rate will be lower. Please correct me if I misread.
Also, won’t you feel boring exploring the same maps and killing same mobs for 4 weeks? That’s normal people target NFTs.

Second, if the NFTs are randomly dropped and allocated to players, I am happy with it. Devs keep saying that is random. In fact, I have a written record showing how many NFTs I got each drop since gold pass start. I can tell is not it is not random, especially I experienced allocation doesn’t seem random or even fair to players.

  1. These 4 weeks, I got most NFTs every Tue, Thu and Fri, closed to 10 each of these days. If it is not closed, there will be a rare item such as space or epic NFT. However, when it comes to Sat, Sun and Monday, I got 1-2 NFTs or some days are zero. It’s not because there was no drop, it is because it allocated to different teammates.

  2. Have you ever seen one single player in team of six got 5 consecutive NFTs in one round? What is the chance of that? Next day, 4 consecutive NFTs to another player. Random?

  3. It’s obvious that when there is NFT drops, silver players got the priority having it first. If only few players complain about that, then I would say it’s just jealousy. But if many gold pass players complain, then I don’t think this is a random drop. I don’t even want to play it now as the server is laggy which has not been improved for 5 weeks and I feel very unfair to gold pass player.

I like the game but can dev team be more transparent? Gold pass players invest much more than others. It’s normal that we expect more rewards and returns. However, I am disappointed because I can’t see the team care about or focus more on gold pass players.


Insane dropping to mega MUST BE APPLIED TO ALL PLAYERS , no matter what passers they hold. We have scholars running multiple accounts across 3 continents with silver and they are getting all the loot , that’s great! But it’s clear that the RNG is rigged for the gold passers who clearly invest more on so many levels. #justiceforgold


Plz answer my question

I don’t think drop rates are different between gold and silver in the silver phase, RNG is RNG, there’s nothing sketchy…

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RNG does not imply that it is 100% random. There could still be, and clearly are, additional variables that are factored into the drop rates. This is evident by how player level and dungeon level effects the drop %. What I am saying is, there is clearly some variable in the RNG formula that is putting a significant number of players at a disadvantage, specifically high level players 40+ and Gold pass players. The difference between Gold / Silver player drops has been observed as significant with substantial data points collected over the last few days by the community…

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I have a GP and three SP with scholars and the SP are getting about 4x more nfts than I am.

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Just want to chime in and say unequivocally that drop rates are not different for players of any given tier vs another. The game doesn’t even know what tier you’re in, just that you are allowed to play. I would make sure you’re not playing in dungeons that are way lower level than your equipped pocket watch.

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Either in patch notes or in one of the AMAs.
As a side note… Sorry everyone, but you know haha was fooled by them unfortunately and I’m with you on the same boat.
Project that claims to be triple A this and that, got way beyond expectations investments can’t deliver something that small studios can do better like server issues, sound issues, a MAP + apperantly all the yooo common buy early access buy early access you’ll get nfts this and that end up being completely messed up.
On top of that… No word.

you realize if you are doing pure algo for drop rates your intentions and what the games knows has nothing to do with the outcome.

poor coding etc leads to end results. Everyone playing knows the higher level you are the less chance of NFTs you have. Until full analytics are don’t and posted no one will believe you.

This isn’t an attack or ego trip just stating it clearly from the players side

Matt , thanks for taking notice. But myself along with so many others in our clan would really want to believe what you are saying. We are together 16 man, all running from different continents , doing high level dungeons (higher dungeons better loot right?), clearing mobs along the way and in the last 72 hours, we’ve got literally 1-2 uncommon drops. Me myself, for the past 3 days running 12-14 hours along with a scholar who helps out got literally zero drops. We also bought a couple of silver and got scholars running it for us , 1 account had 14 nft drops with 2 epics, in total 50 nfts in first 48 hours with 4 silver accounts. It’s totally fine if the team adjust the drop rates for gold pass, just tell us! It’s clear that the drop rates are bias towards silver. I mean just look at this topic, I don’t know these guys and they too are saying the exact same thing. By just saying RNG is a really poor excuse, mega drop rate should and must be applicable for all pass holders, simple and fair .

What is happening now is gold player drop rate is insane LOW and silver player drop rate is mega HIGH.

I don’t even think that’s it… I’m SP, and playing 8 hours ish a day and only 3 days in obviously but what I’ve noticed is lower level gets the drops. Day 1, got 2, hit level 8-9ish. Day 2, kept grinding same watch, 0 drops, hit level 18. Day 3, went back to a 0 level watch to start a healer, another 2 drops before level 6. Going to test this and start another 0 level watch again today. But what it seems is they are baiting people in with early drops then slowing them to nearly non-existent at higher levels.

To clarify, this is also in all sorts of groups, usually 4-6 players, lower level dungeons when lower level, higher 20+ when I use my higher level watch. Some speed rush, some taking our time, sometimes I’m the top level sometimes the lowest…and its been consistently the lower levels 1-8ish that get drops. Even if its a group of two or a group of 6, doesn’t seem to matter, I’ve gotten drops with big and small groups, but all 4 of my NFT drops have been from low levels.

The main thing here is they are not being transparent about what the criteria is so we can play the game the way they want it played. And for people that invested literally thousands of dollars to get EAL, that’s really frustrating.

My account is a gold pass, and I play mostly with other gold pass accounts.

I have found 1 NFT in the past 3 days in mostly in a full party. We are strict about running dungeons near our highest level player, or above our highest level player. We also run dungeons above the average level of our party with no noticeable difference. We have also started new characters on our Gold account to test out the “low level dungeons have higher NFT drop rate” theory. No improvement in NFT drops.

I am convinced that drop rates for Gold pass players are significantly worse during Silver EAL, compared to Gold EAL.

We are equally convinced that Silver pass accounts are experiencing significantly higher NFT drop rates compared to Gold pass accounts. I have access to a scholar guild, and some brand new silver accounts have farmed 23 NFTs during the past 3 days. The WORST silver account in that guild has found 10 NFTs. The average NFTS found per Silver account is 16.5.

At the VERY LEAST, it would ease the frustration of Gold pass players to try to explain what has changed in the last patch that may cause Gold pass to experience lower drop rates. Is it just a really bad case of variance? Are we missing something? Is it normal for Silver players to experience SIGNIFICANTLY higher drop rates compared to Gold?


@Matt Would you be able to confirm if player Rank and/or total pocketwatch average level has any effect on dungeon difficulty and/or drop rates?

Perhaps the reason we are noticing a loot difference here between gold/silver is because the silver players are a lower Rank than gold players.

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You may not think pass tier effects drop rates but you don’t know that for certain.

Considering the fall damage patch completely broke ninja leap for me and others I’ve spoke with, despite multiple repairs and re-installations.

The game is obviously dealing with some spaghetti code.

You can’t really unequivocally say that drop rates haven’t been impacted by something, can you?

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