Dungeon glitches

Some dungeons spawn automatically, appear without objectives and cannot be completed.
Other times, the compass does not mark the targets but they are there.

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When is the last time you have seen this Strepi? I think this might have been fixed?


Yesterday it happened to us twice, we entered the dungeon and there were no objectives, sometimes it is easy to recognize because it is a street until the end.

Happened to me 2 days ago… a straight path to the end w/o objectives
just some ‘fauna’ to be killed here and there that added nothing to the instance… and after that i just elft the dungeon
i have vod cuz im always streaming

What quests are the ones that you’re missing objectives? Wanderers? Lieutenants?

If it’s the Wanderers quest, it’s known that one of the targets can appear in a different location from the place indicated by the top radar:

If it’s the Lieutenants quest, I’m not sure if this has been already fixed but in previous versions, could happen that sometimes you were missing some lieutenants in the map and it was impossible to complete the quest.

In the ice dungeon, it has happened to me a couple of times that not all the objectives appear in the boss room, but you have to search for them through the dungeon.

Ohh yes, this issue is still happening. Sometimes you need to go to the starting point to find those mobs :sweat_smile:

there is outpost bug in boss room where clockies dont spawn till late or not all all, or they are getting stuck underground or in the trees