Dungeon quest ideas

Problem you’re trying to solve
Obviously some of the dungeon quests are crap or poorly implemented, I won’t mention specifically bad ones like soul drain.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I don’t think I can post my feelings about the bad ones without censorship.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Firstly, you should just have a community suggestions system for this topic to organize ideas and let people show support. But here are a couple ideas.

Keymaster and Gatekeeper: Yes, Ghostbusters was awesome. Stop them from getting together! Spawn a couple boss level mobs at far away points on the map (with entourage) with a goal of reaching a specific point… if they get together you have to deal some crazy tough raid type mob that is guaranteed to drop nothing but access to the boss room.

Needle in a haystack: Find the ‘shards’ (or whatever) needed to unlock the room. Low percent chance for mobs to drop required ‘shards’. Like you need 3 and drop rate is 1%, you might get lucky and drop all 3 in the first group, or have to clear 90% of the dungeon. Logarithmic drop rate scaling would probably be better though, like starting at 0.1% and increasing per kill so that at least half way through the likelihood of finding the shards is pretty high. Since mobs span on approach, it would be nice if they just had a chance of spawning in with a special aura or something so you know when you’ve spotted a carrier. DO NOT implement this in some way where you are trying to make players reach certain points to get the drops, that defeats the purpose and may a well be ‘go here do X’

Simultaneous switches: 2-4 Switches that need to be hit at the same time. Would have to detect number of players and adjust accordingly. Obviously disabled for solo.

Riddles: This one requires ongoing maintenance so people don’t just learn the answers to like 20 set riddles. Could have some easy, some hard, with a safety net to kill some boss that ‘has the answer’ where you get a note with the solution. Requires someone to change the riddles regularly and make/find new ones.