Dungeon Scaling

It is difficult to find groups with the right level range of players and also dungeons that are appropriate for the level range of your group. During early AMAs for Big Time, I thought I heard that dungeons/enemies would scale/adjust to your party, but this is clearly not the case in the current state. This is frustrating, because the mobs are often too difficult or too easy, and it throws off the game balance.

An improved party finder is an obvious solution that has been suggested many times before, but I also think the dungeons should scale to player level, similar to how it works in the more recent WoW expansions. This would ensure that players can join groups with their friends, regardless of level disparity, and help to balance out the dungeon difficulty for a smoother gameplay.

For example, if I join a join a dungeon as a level 20, all the mobs should scale to level 20 when I attack them. But if another player in my party is level 30, they would experience those same mobs as a level 30. Dungeon can still have level ranges, so lower levels arent skipping content. Perhaps each zone can have a set level range of dungeons you are allowed to join (i.e. 1-20, 20-30, 30-40 etc…)

Given that the game encourages restarting new pocket watches (and thus resetting your level), the game should be more friendly to accommodating this level reset, which dungeon scaling would provide. It is already a large enough setback to have to start off with 0 skill points and relearn all your talents/abilities, but this shouldn’t also discourage me from also playing with my friends/guildies. The pocket watch mechanic is one of the most unique gameplay features of Big Time, so overall the game should be more accommodating to incentivize re-rolling and leveling up new characters.

I just put a ticket in Jira with all this info to be reviewed.

Just wanted to resurface this post - the issue seems even more prominent now with the recent patch.

The game is now essentially forcing players into a smaller range of dungeon levels and player party levels that they can benefit from. Higher level mobs are difficult (which is great) and lower mobs don’t give exp or NFTs (which is also great) - however, I’ve forced to play dungeons that are only within a few level ranges of my PW to get the most benefit as a result. This creates 2 key problems.

  1. Less dungeon portals available for my PW level range, more time running around the overworld = less fun
  2. Its VERY difficult to find other players that are similar PW level to me. An improved party finder, while helpful, would just be a bandaid to the core problem. I wont be able to play with friends/guildies unless they are the same level… which causes frustration and lack of fun

The way I see it - Big Time needs to make a decision about how hardcore vs how casual the game should be. If they want to go the more hardcore route - keep it as is. This feels more like “WoW Classic” in its current state. If they want to be more casual, implement dungeon scaling - like new newer WoW expansions which acknowledged this problem and utilized scaling to solve it. Casual players love it, hardcore players don’t.

IMO, player level - while an important mechanic to any MMO, shouldn’t be a Gate that prevents you from from finding other players and playing with friends (to an extent)

I think there’s a nice middle ground here where the game can scale via level bands as noted in my original post above (1-10,11-20, 21-30, etc…) And I think this could also pair nicely with the way level requirements work on items. Especially if item requirements were based on the same level bands, and not specific levels… FYI @Buck @Blazo

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dont worry jorn… jira has a ticket… haha

The issue isnt so much dungeon scaling. you can see @Blazo post about mob scaling compared to player scaling. There lies the real problem

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