Dungeon Solo Run Idea

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

Solo play can be useful for players that are time poor. For example a quick few dungeons before work in the morning, without having to worry about time it takes to form a random party and co-ordinate each other.

An idea to spice things up for solo runs.

If the following is met:

  • must be solo
  • must be in LVL range of the dungeon.

You are then prompted to select a difficulty for the solo run. The difficulty will govern the amount of mobs & bosses, in turn increasing the XP and chance of NFT. This could be a wheel that appears before entering the dunfeon, just like when you click “X” in-game.

Easy - for newbies or people getting used to new classes.
Normal - same as current.
Hard - challenging, take time and skill to get through.
Extreme- pretty much impossible, but better rewards if you survive.

If you are not within the dungeon LVL but still want to complete the dungeon, the difficulty will default to normal.

We don’t want LVL 56, doing low level dungeons in extreme difficulty getting more good loot or better chance of NFTs.

I think the way solo players are automatically added to a party should be removed.

Anyway just and idea I had

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I personally don’t like the idea of solo running adventures. I don’t think it adds anything positive to the game. It’s a global game, people are always playing so finding a party in the full release should not be a problem. I hope that they add more game systems to make it easier to make parties. It opens the game up to more botting if there are no eyes on what’s happening in those solo adventures.

I am an old-school MMORPG player and I can say that current MMOs do not have a sense of community as the older MMOs had. That sense of community was one of the best parts of those games like EQ and FFXI. Community and difficulty are what you end up remembering and having nostalgia for years later.

I hope that they do end up with missions and quests that allow for more solo play. But adventures are for group play IMO.

I do agree with the difficulty level idea, it should be different difficulty levels. That would solve a lot fo the issues for people running adventures way out of their level range as people can do now. As a level 25-30 it was easy to complete dungeons up to level 50 (not megaclockie) with a proper party configuration. I would rather run dungeons in my level range, where I can actually use the loot, but at a higher difficulty level not for better loot but maybe more exp and just party play. Right now often people play almost solo in adventures once you get closer to the max level of the adventure, they become very easy.

I agree, sense of community, enjoying the game with friends and running in parties is the most important things. I complete dungeons in a party 99% of the time.

It was just an idea I had when running solo the other day.

Agree the focus should not be solo play.