Dungeons Too Long?

Problem you’re trying to solve
The problem that I’m trying to solve for the community and myself is that the dungeons seem to be taking too long in general. Some of these dungeons include Insectoid Main Hive ( level 2-9) was a huge dungeon. I didn’t want to finish it by myself. Simply logged into it and ran around and noticed it would be too long because of how big the dungeon was. Also the insectoid nest level 7-13 was also a huge dungeon. Legit don’t want to go into a dungeon and there’s so many paths that it feels like a maze in a sense. Especially with no full map. Some of these dungeons would of took +1 hours… Dungeons that I DID earlier took about that as well and they were the same. Nests and Hives.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Feel like it could be worked on and the maps could be generated smaller that’s for sure.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
More mob density, Smaller Map. Even everything out in a sense.


I agree with this. Especially forest dungeons are just pain having to walk 1k meters

Ok what it would be a lot of help would be a list of all the dungeons you find too long and a short description on why. So we could analyze if there is some things we could change :smiley:
So far nest and hives. Levels 5/13.
Also more mob density

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Or just implement that you never have to walk back or return to an already cleared area. Solution portals in end of sidepaths that take you to entrance of sidepath. or remake game so you folllow one single road /small sidepaths with no minutes run back and forth.

I also found some dungeons too long. I think the experience of completing a dungeon should take about 20-30min and not 45-50min.
I’ll keep an eye out for upcoming portals and note the ones that spawn gigantic dungeons.

Hint: If you want to create some bigger dungeons, you could put some word in the portal name to tell them apart, so players can choose.