Dusky Forest to Level 10-20 Dungeons to Fill Leveling Gap?

Problem you’re trying to solve
Once you reach level 8-10 or so there is a gap in dungeon levels. Rustling Forest is too low and Wastelands is too high. This causes players to go to Wastelands too early and most dungeons there are way too hard and lead to a difficult and frustrating leveling experience during the “teen years”.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I don’t want leveling gaps where I am forced to do dungeons too easy or too hard for my level range. I noticed this same gap before Ruby patch, and then after Ruby it was even more pronounced as the dungeons are harder with the new mission types. This caused me to think the Dungeons in Wastelands were too hard, but in reality, it was that I couldn’t find dungeons around my level and was being forced to do content above my level range.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
What do you think about replacing the Dusky Forest with dungeon portals between level 10 and 20? This would fill the leveling gap so players can have a smooth leveling process.

Here is the the current level ranges for dungeons and how Dusky Forest would fill the gap:

Here is a proposed leveling range for the different areas to make the leveling process smooth all the way through.



Totally agree with that.

Also Iam confused connecting 1-10 dungs right next to 30-35 map. I do not understand it tho :smiley:

Totally agree. Once you are above Level 12, the game play is not very fun until maybe Level 20 or so? No adventures between 13 and 19, at least that I have found. It would be great to fill this gap with better content. Yes, I know that groups of Levels in the teens take on Level 50+ adventures, but everyone is not going to do that.

Groups in the teens taking on 50+ dungeons is not intended gameplay and will be fixed at some point. They can enjoy it while it lasts =)


Howdy. Feedback uploaded to Jira as an improvement. It has all the info added here by you.

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Thanks so much @IvanBigTime , you guys are doing an amazing job over there. I am encouraging everyone to use the proper feedback format, and also to be less demanding (myself included). Instead take time to offer the problem and suggested solutions. There’s more than one way to skin a cat!


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Sorry to bump this, I just wanted to say with the new Ruby update this issue is more pronounced, forcing people to do level 20+ dungeons in Wastelands at level 8-12 when the dungeons in the Rustling Forest get too easy and boring. Because things are harder after the new patch this causes a lot of people to think things are “too hard” when in reality, they are just being forced to do content much above their level due to lack of dungeons around their level. I know you already added this to Jira, but I just wanted to express that it is now even more important to address after the last patch.

We just went through that yesterday.
I am level 17 and looking at your map, in dusky forest it is very difficult to find a dungeon with level 15-20, in wastelands they are all 20-30 (when there should also be +15 dungeons), it is very difficult to find a dungeon that is maximum 20 or 25.