Dying at the beginning when you try to enter a portal

we tried to enter a portal (lvl19-27) in wasteland and we did, the screen which is saying ‘you are 1 in line’ showed up and after that the screen shows something like falling and then we died. it deducted -1500 gold and kicked us out like when you die actually. but when we tried again for that portal, everything went well and no bug appeared

in wasteland
it happened in Frankfurt and Golf Gateway

in 14:35 UTC

it happened on all of 6 of us that were in party so i think is not related to a single person data.
but i’m with pocket watch tier0 and lvl14 and we were doing nothing. We were just standing there and pressed E to enter the portal and this happened.


actually it happened for me one time more in waste land on 21/8/2022 but i forgot to save the gateway details and the exact time. so this bug that i reported above is the second time i face with this bug

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happened to me one time too. needs to be fixed

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Thanks for the heads up, guys! We’ll get it looked at!

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