EAL players compensation

A message to the Big Time Team:

Good day, I am a Silver Pass EAL Player and I just wanted to voice out that hopefully, us EAL players, will be compensated once the game fully releases. Should it be in the form of NFT cosmetics, Forges, Armories or Space NFTs. I really hope that there would be something that would give us an edge against F2P players.

I am voicing this out because I empathize with Gold Pass players who have been grinding the hell out of the game. They invested so much money into this game and their expectation for nft drops were not met.

Please don’t treat your community not only as Web2 Gamers but also treat us as stakeholders in this AAA NFT game project that we really believe in. It’s a beautiful game and I would want to se this game flourish and grow to be the best Video Game yet, not only as an NFT game but as video game in general.

Good luck Big Time team!


I really like the sentiment here, however i do not want to see the “entitled” attitude too much.

With that said, I do not believe the drop rates need to be changed. I would like to see some Gold Pass exclusive titles. Dropped into the wallets of the Gold Pass Players who really spent a good chunk of time.

I want to rep that


very true about entitlement I would hate to see that. But then we have already invested thousands of the of dollars into the game so their anger is justifiable (but only to some extent).

Yes i believe rate drops should still be as it is but hopefully compensation, such as titles like you said, should be given. But also something that will give us an edge on higher level dungeons

giving an edge makes it pay to win. should not be done.


This is true. Thank you for correcting me.

Personally I’ve come across way too many gold pass players who literally postponed their lives , 10-16 hours a day, hearing them having their lunches and dinners, telling their wives to go to bed first and taking leave from work - their dedication is real and they are 100% in it to get the NFT , not by luck but by pure effort. Sickening it is to see those mid to Low levels getting legendary weapons when all they do is “tag” along, many of us has experienced it. And for those that put in their effort , their drops are a complete nightmare, I urge the team to look into this to reward those who has painful put in a large amount of time into this game, to be compensated fairly. Because ultimately this game should reward both effort and luck.


It’s not just gold passes, it’s everyone because this is what we’ve been told… To get a higher chance, you need to do as many dngns as possible.
Now the drop are shit, let’s be honest for a sec- it’s not about gold/silver/blablabla passes, it’s about how they’ve implemented the NFT drops which they’re not telling us.

So yeah… I completely put my life aside, the burnout is real. But have we got a choice?
If we’ll not ‘grind out’ we’ll get almost NO nft at all. The whole point of this EAL is the nft~ everything else will be reset before global launch so like… You’ve payed for that EAL for what?
Not for being a QA tester, but to get nfts with a higher drop rates which is not happening, no matter what tier you’ve got there.

So yeah… We kinda don’t have a choice if we want nfts, we just have to put our life aside for that period- mental health wise it’s extremely super mega insane not good, but what else can we do with a project that’s not transparent with their very first supporters?

Drop rates are balanced enough, so that if you just play the game it will come. We do not need special compensation for anything, its a community game not a armbar to some management team.

We got extra mystery boxes coming, that’s well beyond what was expected after a purchase of 7 VIP passes.