Early Game Too Hard

Problem you’re trying to solve
Early game is too hard. We failed our first 2 dungeons on the beach.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Games should start off easy and get harder. Big Time is currently backwards.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
We were a team of 6 experienced early access players, and we all started Ruby together and went into one of the level 1-6 Dungeons on the beach. This was the hardest challenge we had in all our Big Time playing experience! We failed the first 2 dungeons we tried on the beach.

This is a problem. New players who do not have the experience we do playing the game, will join the game and go into the first dungeon they see and they will get destroyed, it will not be fun. they will eventually get frustrated and quit.

To fix this, please add a NOOBIE dungeons, level 1-2 for example that is ALWAYS available. Make a quest NPC right next to where the player starts that will have a quest icon above his name, you talk to him and you get a quest that walks you through entering your first dungeon, it points you to it with a magical trail to follow so you can’t miss it.

This is just quick feedback, obviously there needs to be a hand-holding quest that walks the user through everything and leads them into the main questline.

I was hoping to see a questing system in Ruby launch, of course the hand-holding system can not be added until that is implemented. I have extensive experience creating hand holding quest lines for mmorpg’s. Please feel free to reach out to me for more details on doing this right if needed.



Hi Blazo. Ok. Will add this as an improvement with all the feedback you provided. So the dev team can check this.

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I had the same feeling. Even I’m a Gold Pass player, I failed the first dungeons in the beach where we needed to collect 360 data points. It was fun to fail this even with our experience but maybe new players can get frustrated.

The transition from the beach to the forest is quite natural but maybe this should be made more visible and restrict the beach area like if it was a tutorial. This tutorial could also be integrated in the story of the game in some way, so new players level up a little and learn about basic mechanics.

Many ideas here but as @Blazo suggests, we need to onboard new players smoothly and help them learn the basics.

My first adventure on screen ended in tragedy as well :slight_smile:

@IvanBigTime As a follow up to this thread instead of creating a new one, here as some ideas to help make the game less punishing to noobies. In an effort to retain new players so they don’t get frustrated and rage quit, I have the following suggestions:

-Remove gold death penalty under level 10-15
-Remove encrypted items for items under level 10-15

There is no reason to try and suck gold out of new players that need it to enjoy the start to the game. Anything that can be done to make the first couple hours of gameplay as enjoyable as possible with the least resistance will go a long way.



Dev team is aware and has already been discussing some solutions.