Easy Wins for next Patch/Hotfix (Retaining New Players)

Problem you’re trying to solve
New players are having a really hard time leveling up. Early game is brutal, it should be much easier than the late game but currently it is the hardest part of the game. Unless you have a guild to help power level you, chances are you are not making it past level 15 as a new player. This can be fixed with some updates that won’t take much code or development time. This post is about easy wins that can be done for the next hotifx/patch (if not already done) to drastically increase player activity and retention from new players coming in from Ruby Passes.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
There are certain things that are destroying the early game experience and making it near impossible to retain new players coming in from Ruby passes. This has to be addressed as soon as possible, hopefully in the next hotfix, otherwise we can give out all the Ruby passes we want and the player base won’t grow. It’s not about how many players you can get in, it’s about how many players you can retain.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Let’s focus on making the game fun for the early levels. New players should not struggle through the first 20 levels, this is when we want the players learning the game, equipping new items, getting gears to unlock skills and learn how to play the class. This is not the time to make the game difficult or challenging, that comes later once they have commit the time into the game and are “time committed” to playing the game.

-Remove item level requirements for levels 1-20 (I think you could actually do this for level 1-30 or 1-40 but I won’t campaign for that now)
What problem is solved by not allowing low level players to equip low level items? Problem that item level requirements was trying to solve was preventing low level players from equipping end game items and skipping content. This is achieved by keeping item level requirements on the higher level items. Keeping the item level requirements on the low level items introduces a new set of problems that is making the game not fun for new players because they are getting items they can not wear, and not being able to equip stuff makes them weak and makes the game very hard. Early game is brutal, it is the hardest part of the game when it should be the easiest. If they are going to make items usable for players 1-10, mine as well just make it 1-20 to be 100% sure there are no issues with equipping items for low level players. Here is a video detailing this out further…

-Add more dungeons to the Dusky Forest. I had posted about this on July 17th and it still has not been fixed. It’s critical to do this for the next hotfix. Once you get to level 10 in the noobie forest, there is a lack of dungeons for your level and it forces you to either do content too low for you and makes leveling slow and boring, or do content too high for you, which makes the game super hard and you can’t equip anything you find so you stay weak. Very easy solution is to add a bunch of level 8-12, 10-14, 14-18, 16-20 dungeons to the Dusky Forest. Spawn more dungeons for players in the noobie forest and the Dusky Forest. It should not be hard like it is now to find a low level dungeon, fill the forest with dungeons! Details on this are here: https://forum.bigtime.gg/t/dusky-forest-to-level-10-20-dungeons-to-fill-leveling-gap

-Drop more magic items in the lower levels. For some reason, only common items seem to drop in the early levels. Increase the drop rate of T1 and T2 magic items. We should be seeing color in the items that are dropping in the low level dungeons. This will allow the player to get stronger faster at an early level and it’s not a big deal because we are leveling up and replacing those items pretty fast, so why not let them have fun and find some rare stuff that will make them stronger. This is the feeling all MMORPG players want when they join and start playing. They want to get items they can equip that make them noticeably stronger. This is currently not happening and new players are missing the most fun part of the game. It’s also keeping players weak and making the early levels much harder then they should be.

-Remove Gold Penalty for Low Level Players. Same thing here, should be no death penalty for gold until after level 20. No reason to punish noobies for dying and take away the hard earned gold they need for potions and other things they need to play the game properly.

-Increase the aggro radius. I know the team said they are “investigating aggro”. A very simple short term fix is to increase the range of the aggro so it’s 50 meters or so, that way players can pull mobs from the area they are in and bring them back to the group to kill, then everyone can move as a group to the next spot with mobs. Currently the aggro radius is way too small and it doesn’t let players “pull mobs” to the group or keep and control the aggro. It turns into every man for themselves and this is not the feel a grouping game should have. We should have identifiable roles, someone “pulls” the mobs, the time warrior “taunts and tanks the mobs”, healers “heal the tank” and DPS classes (shadow and chrono) do damage. The more complex fix is making the aggro from Time Warrior taunt stick until someone over DPS’s or heals and pulls the aggro from one of the mobs off the pack, then the Time Warrior has to re-taunt and pull that aggro back. This is pretty common mechanic in MMORPG games and the aggro should be fixed to work that way so the groups can have structure and order and the feeling everyone is doing their role and are useful and important to the group.


Agree so new players can progress faster.

I agree with this so much. I started a new fixer build and im around lvl 10-20,and even though the dungeon is in my lvl range,i still get like 10xp from dusky forest. We do need more dungeons from there.

You can rarely find some good stuff but its hard. So making them easier could be good.

I agree that gold pentalty should be more of a mid game thing. They shouldnt take money off noobs,and its so easy to die when you are low lvl

They also should fix the flying clockie aggro. They just float around and you just hope they get in the soul drain. Very painful in that quest.

Great post,hope they actually listen

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Low hanging fruit in my opinion is fix the scaling of the mobs and players. I have said this since the start of the game and it is getting to the point of lunacy… There is no scaling in this game… if there is no scaling in this game there is no game… start with essential building blocks


I agree with everything but removing item level requirement completely for lowbies.
Maybe it’s enough with the changes buck leaked.

-Spawn more dungeons and fix the level range. No more 1~13 dungeons

-Chance of getting Better loot than common, amen to that. And to find gear for your PW, yes please

-Gold penalty Bye bye

-Aggro needs a fix yes


To say there is no scaling in the game is wrong the mobs health scales they have more shields and armor as you go up in level. The mobs start to have special effects like mana drain poison and fire plus the mob density goes way up the higher levels so to say there is no scaling is wrong but there needs to be a bit more in the way of interactive mechanics against mobs and if there were more punishing mobs like the ones leaked on the twitter here to come I feel will solve the issue of scaling a bit but like I said there is scaling in game just needs more

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Have you ran the data for scaling yet? if now why speak up???

lvl 1 mob health to lvl 36 mob health increases roughly 19x
lvl 1 player damage naked to lvl 26 player damage naked rought 85x

there is no scaling.

Like I said to say there is no scaling is wrong. There is scaling in the game just not to your liking at the moment I did say it needed to be fixed and adjusted because the game is currently in beta the numbers are still getting worked out and balanced every patch.

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Pocket watches are literally the dumbest invention i have heard of i just looted a t6 chrono pocket watch with 176 int on it… Literally any scaling is broken by the fact that my pocket watch has over 600 stat points on it so my base scale for level is no longer 0 but level 300 so there are no dungeons at my level in the game any longer

you literally arent even thinking past your 1st start of a spark of a thought

I don’t think it should start until I should be around level 15 when it starts since by then you should have gotten use to the games mechanics and how things work.

I don’t think this is the solution if you introduce a mechanic like that late game why even add it in the first place I think they should go to the system we were discussing on the twitter space if you have the vod for that blazo.

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I am really sorry you feel this way about a core mechanic of the game but please keep in mind this game is still early access and is being worked on hard everyday. I am not saying you are wrong King you are right there is an issue with the scaling of most things in the game and that is being worked on and found out through dedicated members of the community like you and I who play everyday but I am saying don’t get snappy and say there is no scaling to the game because that is not constructive feedback we need solid information why is there a scaling issue in game what is there a problem in depth maybe you should write a forum post around it and go in to detail about what you find an issue with the scaling systems currently in place but try to keep it constructive is all I ask <3


We have gone the route of nice detailed breadcrumb posts… where did it lead??

Tried the heres the problem here is how i feel… and were did it lead.

Devs have brought this on themselves by continually only building “their” game instead of listening to the community that is pouring their time into. At some point I revert back to my approach.

you train by actions not by requests… and the action is saying nice tidy polite posts arent moving the team to move the game in the right direction

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just saying they do listen. Since they have literally shouted you out for your feedback and information that you have provided.


I never suggested that they make certain skills useless over 10 levels, I got credit for that nerf but that was never my idea. My suggestion was diminishing returns on skills/attacks after 10 levels which is much different. I think they are making a step “in the right direction” for this next hotfix, and is why I wanted to be sure these low hanging fruit were addressed to at very least fix the early game for new players so they can retain players from the ruby passes. If they are already going to make items usable for players 1-10, mine as well just make it 1-20 to be 100% sure there are no issues with equipping items for low level players. For those who don’t agree with this, I will ask you… What problem does it solve to not let low level players equip low level items?

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Yeah, I agree with this one especially.

Just undo latest patch. Problem solved.

Gold is useless anyways. When was the last time you have actually bought anything from a vendor? The real issue is the whole loot system alongside with equipment level requirements.

I agree with almost everything. Came back to the game a bit late after patch went live and had to restart my char from tier 0. The entry level experience atm is absolutely infuriating. Dead? 5k gold gone, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!
Regarding item level requirements, i’m a-ok with it, except this part: tier 1 items give only basic hp and mana boosts up to less than 10 each. Tier 2 suddenly boosts that up x fold, the difference is from earth to heaven in just that 1 level jump from 10 to 11. Underwhelming is not even coming close to describing the issue. Meanwhile, mobs’ stats grow from lvl 1 to 10 by hundreds, except the weak ones which are nearly the same.
Also, the shops are a complete whack. Depending on shop, you can sell stuff at even 10x compared to others. Why isn’t there a streamlined value level like all other rpgs? There’s no point reinventing the wheel here.


I somewhat agree with you but at times there are better gear/equip in vendor which can be useful for short-term