Economy in the game

I would love for you to explain at some point the issue of the economy of this game, I am very happy that the token is not going to harm the game, and that there is no way out of it and it is created within the game, the first thing to do to do is that the game does not die for that aspect, a token kills a game, you will explain that token that you will see in the game and how it works, in my post about the things that I would like from big time I forgot that the auction has to be with an mmo game, hopefully you put it too, and hopefully we can all win in a healthy economy among all players, if I had to pay 10 dollars a month to be able to have content every month like in other games I would I hope you look at all the possibilities you can see, my goal is to have fun in this game and if I can win some money great, thanks for everything and I hope you value everything

Sorry to say but this is not a constructive feedback, nor a feedback.
What you spoke right there is already in plan… You can’t expect a fully fledged economy when the whole game is still in development. Right?

I hope you make a good economy, I have only given my opinion

What i would hope personally is an ingame token usage and gameplay mechanics that would burn token for good such as NFT creation. The better the rarity of an NFT you trying to craft, the more tokens you need to spend. Tokens might have other usages like paying with them for an NFT aside stablecoins or a nice idea would be to have a way to stake tokens in your SPACE, the higher the rarity of your space the better APY, depends the “token warden” you have in one of your exits ( rooms ) in your SPACE and from there you can have a special mission in game , something like daily you need to complete otherwise your APY will drop… that way you have people keep coming and playing instead of just staking and forgeting.