[Efficiency] Issues with the Edges


There is some issues with edges:

  1. Some edges where you cannot even dodge from, making you unable to fall to avoid ennemy or join faster the place under → you’re stuck like in a corner (invisible wall?)

  2. Some edges can distort the perception of your skills
    (Exemple: if you going to throw a spell more than 5 meters away, the distance are changing quite a lot with just a little movement of the mouse, so when you encounter an edge, just for a tiny little spike you can miss from a few center your ennemy or ally.)

  3. Why can monster climb them making some monsters unreachable at all from melee attackers?

(There may be more, feel free to add your experiences and feelings about it under this post)

PS: Sorry for my poor english!


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Thank you for your feedback! Taken note of this and will relay to the team!

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