Enemies can't take dmg at Binosaur Reinforced Den

Enemies could not take damage at somewhere half way to the dungeon…

Binosaur Reinforced Den, Prime, Frankfurt


We were doing the quest Seek n Destroy, Eliminate the Wanderers. I don’t what triggered the bug but at some point the Enemies couldn’t take damage. After a while trying we exited the dungeon.

The client doesn’t allow me post videos/pic or even links.
If I am not permitted to post videos/pic even if they are helpful please advise me not to do it in the future.

Here is a video:
https :confused: / file .io / fUG7IaIVnmQp

Hi @xtipakialo, thanks for your report, I’ll log this in! Did this only happen with the ALPHA Wanderer, or with every other mob in the dungeon? I could not catch if that Underling got damaged by your Whirlwind.
If this happens again, please feel free to add any other details that could be helpful for us, such as with what enemy it happened, if you did anything before that that might have triggered it, etc. Thank you!