Equipt gear (belt) not active anymore because pocketwatch lvl to low

Hello bigtime team

A couple days a go i buyed a new and better belt for my time warrior build lvl33
Lynxesque Wrestling Augurly Prudence Leather Belt tier4 ( im not 100% sure but i remember you needed pocketwatch lvl30 to equip it )

yesterday when i wanted to play bigtime again i notice i lost alot of health and energy so i checkt my invertory and i noticed that my new belt that i got equipt was not active anymore and was showing red… it now says i need pocketwatch lvl35 to can equip it

i have ask in the bigtime discord if there was a update or any change made but that was not the case and they said to make a post in the bugg forum…( somehow my belt changed its equipt lvl itself what probaly must be a bugg )

2 video’s where i am in a dungeon with the belt equipt ( sadly i dont have a video or screenshot where i can see the old stats from the belt but so far i can remember i needed pockerwatch lvl30)

and 1 video where you can see the belt i got equipt is not active anymore and it says i need a higher pocketwatch lvl35

Frankfurt - Prime

it was playing in the night ( eu time ) and the day after i wanted to play around around 21:00 in the evening and notice my stats where changed


i was just playing dungeons with my time warrior pocketwatch lvl33 and buyed my new belt from the shop and right after that i equipt it and played some more dungeons then i get some sleep and go to work and in the evening i wantend to play again and notice the equip lvl from my new belt was changed somehow


Amazing description for the bug. We will escalate this


It has also happened to me, I had a belt equipped (level 30 surely, since if it were 35 I would not have been able to equip it), I changed from a cane to a shield and it turned red, now asking for level 35.

Hey thanks for all this! Super helpful information! :slight_smile: