Error with the "skill points". Team BT Help O_o

Developers please fix the bug with the skin points.
I was playing and seemed fine, then noticed that the points were 11… the next day when I reset skills, it was 10 points, then it was already 9 points, then grew points and matured to 12 skill points.
I don’t understand anything.
All my friends told me - what’s my level, so should be so skill points. +1 tlv = +1 skin points.
For example “stats points” I have exactly 60.
As 1lv = 2 stats points.
I have a level already 30, 60 stats points, but my skill points are only 12.
Below attach a screenshot, there is a nickname in the game the same as I am here on the forum!
p.s. I like the game))

Hello Elena, I’m really sorry you experienced this, but rest assured this bug/issue will be forwarded to the team

Thank you so much!!!

Those points are probably in skills that were not active when you reset them. (gears that are no longer being used) You just need to add back in gears with the missing skills and then reset your skills again. You can still get back all your points.

This issue need to fix before official launch.
It’s annoying and sometimes hard to find the gear which I sold.

Reset stone should reset everything and give all the skill points back.

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This is called a bug that needs to be fixed! Now my friends and I realized that the points disappear if you remove the gears… BUT - the points belong to the HERO and not the gears, so level 20 = 20 skill points!!!
I sold these sixes at about 13-14 level, when I was a new player, and only now (today) at level 31, my friends and I realized what a mistake! My hero is now 31lv - and only 17 points a skil… fix this error development team!!! p.s. My game nick can be seen on the screenshot.

I agree that it needs to be fixed. However, we know the work-a-round. Just activate new gears with the skills that have the missing points and then use the rest. You’ll get all the points back from any active skill. You might need to swap out gears and reset a couple of times to get everything back. Once that’s done you can activate your current set of skills and then allocate all your points.

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