Every Class Wanting to Max Intelligence

Problem you’re trying to solve
It seems every class can achieve the meta build by maxing intelligence. Different classes should want to max different stat points, otherwise we are all chasing intelligence gear. Here is why every class gets the best build from maxing intelligence:

Warriors: Jump Attack with a one hand weapon is a magic attack that never misses and always crits. Because this scales from intelligence, if a warrior maxes intelligence and then uses Lord of the Dead and Bladed they can do like 40K damage per hit and never miss, making any other attack they have totally inferior.

Shadowblade: Traps and Shaped Charge scale damage off intelligence, to do the most damage they need high intelligence.

Quantum Fixer: Once you have Mana Gate, you don’t need the mana regen from Wisdom. Intelligence does a better job. Turrets also scale off Intelligence, so if you max your intelligence you can get your turrets doing 4K per blast.

Chronomancer: Because everything they do is magic based, obviously intelligence is the best stat here, this is how it should be for Chronos.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I think it would be more balanced if Warriors wanted Strength, Shadowblades wanted Dexterity, Quantum Fixers wanted Wisdom, and Chronomancers wanted Intelligence. This way we are not all chasing intelligence items to get the best build for our class. I think this was the intention but it’s not how it’s playing out.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Here are some ideas to fix this issue for each class:

Warrior: Could make the 1 hand jump attack melee based. This is causing issues for all classes, because it’s magic based and never misses and always crits, it ends up being the only attack worth using. Making this a melee based attack like the rest would fix this.

Shadowblade: I’m not a Shadowblade expert, but Traps and Shaped Charge could scale on Dexterity. I think most Shadowblade skills should scale on Dexterity as they should not want to stack intelligence to do max damage.

Quantum Fixer: Turret damage could scale with the level of the caster and wisdom instead of intelligence. I think we need some fixer skills to scale with wisdom. Wisdom could give healing skills a chance to crit heal, and this would make heal beam much better with high wisdom.


I agree with all of the above, currently it is a real issue if left unchanged moving forward.

To add to the potential fix for quantum I’d like to suggest to this;

Make WISDOM effect the turret’s life drain allowing for higher wisdom to make turrets last longer. This would shift the need back to wisdom from Int. It would also allow turrets to not have to depend on being positioned inside a regen tree to last longer.

In essence right now my quantum has shifted to complete intellect and because of how useless wisdom is i’m not incentivised to upgrade to a new pocket watch at all. I’m currently still using a lvl40 t3 green watch and out performing with intellect some if not most quantum’s with t7+

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