Everything PVP - 1200 Words 🤪

I’ll start by saying that I know PVP isn’t the main concern right now or in the near future. Since that’s the case I’ll share a few systems I’d like to see possibly implemented later on.

A Few Things I Want to Keep in Mind

  • Even Playing Field for Old and New - Stay away from anything that could introduce P2W. All gear worn in matches have the same value in terms of damage or armor. The winner should be determined by who uses their whit and skill when given the same tools, not what you earned before entering the match.

  • Simple Yet Complex - Easy for new players to understand while leaving room for more experienced players to fine tune their gameplay.

  • Why PVP At All - The satisfaction of beating a real person over AI NPCs is the reason I PVP. That dopamine kick just feels better. Still, what’s the reason in winning if there’s no reward? Rewards that that are useful in PVE and cosmetic NFTs make PVP worth the time invested. I’d personally like to see community driven NFTs implemented here but I’ll go further into that more towards the end.

With that being said here’s a few ideas I have about character customization, logistics, variety of game modes, and rewards.

BYOP - Build Your Own Pocketwatch

A character customization system with countless of personalization opportunities.
Players start with a blank PW with default skill points and no gears.
The player chooses 1 specialty (class) and a combination of 5-10 skills from all skill trees.
The specialty will increase skill points respective to that class as well as increase quality of skills.

Why it works? It allows players to be flexible and test out different builds. Changing specialties can be helpful when you’re mid game and realize you need to change strategy and pace. When metas form, introduce counters to keep gameplay evolving.

I’ll be using this BYOP method later when talking game modes.

Arena/Battle Front Gate - Transport

A portal players summon and enters when they get matched in a match.
Fixed location inside everyone’s time machine and a portable version for when you’re out.
Non NFT gate designs that are earned for certain PVP achievements. (Ranked Arena)
Community driven NFT gate designs to give the people what they want.

Why it works? Well, we have to get to the PVP location somehow. It’d be pretty cool seeing people disappear into their different gates, knowing which were paid and which were earned. Players could flex them in their Time Machines too.

Game Modes

  • Arena - 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 are all on the table. The BYOP method would require different builds for each match type. This is your esports banger.

  • One vs All - Your good ole last man standing battle royale. Massive map players drop in raw with no weapons or armor. Players BYOP have no specialty and skills are greyed out. Scavenge for weapons, armor, and gears to unlock skills and specialty. For instance, I would need to find a chronomancer gear to ungrey my blizzard skill. I would need a specialty gear to assign a class. Specialty gears would be scarcer. Greyed out skills are set prematch and unlocked with class gears found throughout the map. 100 players if possible, the more the merrier. Last man standing wins.

  • Capture - Team vs team event where the objective is to capture the enemy object while protecting your own. First to reach target capture number wins or most captures when time runs out win. Sudden death if tie at time expiration where revives are turned off and last team left alive wins.

  • Territories - 5 bases teams fight to control. While in control the base will produce assets for said team. First team to reach the asset goal wins. Simple.

  • Takeover - A military operation where 2 teams of 50 have to destroy enemy bases and protect their own. Big map with each team having 6 bases. 5 minor bases and 1 major base at the end. Each base is guarded by an NPC officer and troops. The Chief NPC base is worth the most assets and has the most troops. Defeating him doesn’t guarantee victory though. Teams start with a high number of assets and lose assets as their bases are destroyed and when players on the team die. A base is considered successfully destroyed when the guarding officer and troops are defeated, and bombs have detonated after a 60 sec countdown. You can regain a small percentage of your teams’ assets when destroying an enemy base, so it pays sticking to the objective. First team to 0 assets lose.

PVP Rewards

As I stated above, I want my time to be worth something if I spend it in the Arena or Battle Front. So, I want things that are going to be of use to me in other areas of the game. Earning PVP currencies to buy gears, weapons, and armor for my player would be a start. Instead of hoping for a lucky loot drop or hoping the vendroid has what you want, there could be a place to go in game where you buy exactly what you need with your PVP currencies. These are non-tokenized currencies that act like gold already do now. Only awarded for actions on the battlefield so people can’t just buy them.

Battle Front Points - Rewarded to everyone based on their performance during the match
Battle Front Badges - Rewarded to members of winning team

PVP gear doesn’t exist because everyone always has the same playing field in the above game modes. Spending these PVP currencies for different PVE enhancements should be fair game because you’re exchanging time to enhance your character, not money.

As far as cosmetic NFT rewards in PVP matches, I think they should be entirely community created and given as a personal RNG reward like in the dungeons. I am a huge advocate of fan creations in video games and web3 provides a golden opportunity. Big Time can create 100% of the lore PVE NFTs and the community be responsible for 100% of the PVP NFT designs. This allows for designs outside of Big Time lore to make it in the game.

PVP Season NFT Sets

PVP Armor Sets - 10 new armor sets totaling 50 new NFT designs (10 each for chest, legs, gloves, shoulders, and head)
PVP Weapon Sets - 10 new weapon skins for each weapon type totaling 60 new NFT designs (10 each for great sword, battle staff, dagger, battle blade, battle axe, and war hammer)

Making that 110 new skins only lootable through PVP or purchased off players in the marketplace.

The community would submit their work. Big Time chooses the winners, to avoid copyrights and other legalities. Then leave it up to the community to vote on rarity assignment from common to unique.

One of One NFTs can be also rewarded by a tournament host to the winner.

Preciate the read. I know we’re far from PVP but here are some ideas to kick things off whenever the team is ready. Much can be improved, I’m sure.


Mahhhh mannnnn!!! :heart_eyes:
If BigTime release an official announcement that they plan to do even 50% of the above then I will happily put more money into this game. It is so exciting to read your post. I wonder how many of these suggestions are feasible to incorporate based on how the studio has designed the game’s infrastructure.


Glad you enjoyed the post, and I was thinking the same thing. I don’t have game design background so idk any of the nuances that come with these types of systems. Thought it would be hella cool to experience tho