Exalted Small Owners upset

I think a lot of us Exalted Small owners are quite upset that sockets were replaced with exits. Feels like it’s a big bummer for us… just saying.


During the AMA I said " we small exalted lost out, before we could host a forge, armory and Time wardern, now we can only do two or one" Buck said they we reward us exalted owners. Still waiting to see, I had 10 sold 2 at at loss. I know the spill about us not expecting us to have the price go up…but the game was suppose to be out by now so all complaints about price loss are valid

Yeah, same here.
Very unfair.
Six months ago they sold us those exalted small for 2.8k with 8 sockets and the possibility to attach four-time wardens.

Now they reduced sockets, with a new utility system called “exit”.
Now we can attach two time-wardens!

They sold us to space with 4 utilities.
Six months later they told us the space has not 4 utilities it has 2.
This is called a scam.

If you sell me space with the possibility to attach 4 times wardens.
And in the end, you give me space with potentially two time-wardens.
This is called a scam.

You should say that when you sold me space.

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I don’t think it is a scam, but to say that the changes were good for all space owners really is an insult to exalted owners, but they have time to address this and make it better for the many exalted small space owners

It’s okay to disagree. I think it’s not even close to an “insult”.

It’s damage for exalted small owners. They give us 50% less value, and we paid 100% of the price.

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Regarding the “they have time to fix this” - I don’t think.
And I am not expecting to fix this, cus they will not.

We need to accept this.

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It would be nice to hear from a team member here. Some reassurance that our highly socketed smalls turned only 2 exits will somehow be made right?

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