Exclusive NFTs Report

Exclusives NFTs like lamorak does not have any flashy highlights. Its a exclusive and i would love to see it more flashy other than plain nft. Because i saw non exclusive nfts that has more great effects and i love them. But on lamorak its just plain and not flashy at all.

I hope someone notice this! Thankyou! Just stating for exclusive ones :blush::philippines::sparkling_heart:

Its been bothering mo for sometime but yeah Thankyou!

Agreed, hopefully they are able to change the in-game display of NFTs, otherwise the same axe in different colors is not going to resell well and we really did waste our money on EAL lol. Hard to know until the full game is out, but this project is looking like a terrible investment for EAL and Space holders, although a very fun game.

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