Expect low numbers as EAL comes to an end

I was listening to the AMA hosted by BYG and heard that the team is expecting a 5x increase in player volume (30,000) during the Jade and Ruby pass. I just have to say I am very distraught in hearing this, in silver pass alone I know people that played in Gold have started to decline significantly. The drop in NFT rates seem to have had a big effect on Gold players where they no longer want to put in the time for the NFTs, and with no other objectives in the game they have stopped playing. The discouraging part of this is hearing that they expect the Golds and Silvers to keep playing after another drop rate and to onboard an additional 25k users. Anyone over level 30 has nothing left to unlock for their characters, nothing to do but grind out the game, and for what? Drops are averaging 1 per 3 hours of gameplay… its just not worth their time and thats it.


Agree with you, pretty sure gold will stop playing or they’ll take a break for a week, silver pass peeps will still play but I’m pretty sure they’ll get even more mad when the drop will decrease even more so I don’t know what they expect really

I think a better solution would be to have same drop rate for NFTs, just different level of rarity at different EAL stage. Unfortunately not only the decrease of rarities also the decrease of raritity. It is what it is now, damage is made. However, on the flip side, there are only 2 week left for the NFT looting torture. Once ruby starts most game content will be life, hope people can forget about NFT and start enjoying the game content.

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" Unfortunately not only the decrease of rarities also the decrease of drop rate. " fix for previous reply

I think the rate of gameplay is going to decline and we are not going to get our values worth because only cosmetic NFT’s carry forward to when the game goes live and these have no real utility…


For Full Release… If they have a player marketplace for in-game stat items that uses the Big Time Token, this will drive players and economic activity. No this is not pay to win because you can earn the token in game and earn the token by running dungeons and selling good roll items. Also remember this is a PVE game and it doesn’t matter as much as a PVP game does.

They also need to make a major overhaul to cosmetics so they are unique, identifiable by rarity and the particle effects scale up by rarity so Epics and Legendary Cosmetics can be seen from far away. Cosmetics need major flex factor or they will not go well. I have hope they know this and will overhaul them as mentioned.



I could see myself watching some youtuber trying to gamble/upgrade their skin up to the legendary gold exclusive. CSGO skin economy is what I like to put BigTime side-by-side. It can be as well going as it has been over there for years.
While paperhands undercut constantly someone buys the undervalued assets and you continue to make this a great game and the economy stabilizes. So many early sellers will regret their decision.

My only experience with in-game stat items is LostArk before it got out for the western ppl. I could skip entire tiers (similar tier system like here, just much stricter gear score reuquirement to wear it) by buying the correct items from the shop (in game p2p marketplace). But since this game will be tokenized this could explode the whole economy.

All supply and demand <3


Its for a reason why this is called early access. People trying the early version of the game that lacks alot of content etc. Bigtime is not even in Beta, its in alpha. If you watch WoW, Path of Exile and many other games on their alpha stages you wouldnt even play them for more than 2 days, mark my words. For example i played Path of Exile beta before … took me few days to stop playing, only 2 acts, messy skillsets, bad gameplay, bad net code etc. Look POE now !

I get that what drives playerbase as we speak is more because of the drops but have in mind that even if thats the case, having players keep playing your alpha and find it ok is a great sign.


Im pretty sure they announced that it will be EAL and then Global Launch…

Love your way of thinking! :clap:

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People are just greedy and lazy :slight_smile: some of my guildies also.

When nfts were dropping like crazy, they were online alot. When they had to put in hard work and hours to get nfts, they disappeard.

I have kept putting in the same hours in silver and jade, yes i dont get near as many nfts anymore, but man i still love the game, and playing with the few active guildies i have :slight_smile:

And it does pay off, yesterday we got about 5 nfts in 5 hours, where 1 was legendary leggings.


Ive asked personally a team member if EAL is an alpha version of the game and that was positive so i can verify that EAL = alpha and not beta. -

I was under the impression that it was this EAL/Pass Phase and then they will do Global launch, is that not correct?

When they are done developing they will do global launch yes, theres no date for it though. Also they delayed Ruby passes, as they want it to be a smooth transition with alot of new players, and i think they want to be sure, that the servers can handle such pressure.

Usually server stress test happening just days/weeks before game is about to release with Open Beta. We have some time before that happens. We are very early for that