Feature suggestion: potions to be distinguished by color only?

With the new patch I found that all the potion images are changed. I see the good intention behind for standardizing all potions. However they can now only be distinguished by color. This made it impossible to color blinded people to play and enjoy the game in full. I am not sure if this is standard practice in game industry, just raising a concern here.

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Not a fan of the new potion graphics. Maybe I will get used to them. Good point on the color only.


Agreed this should be addressed soon by the big Time team soon good catch I hadn’t even thought about that when I saw them but you are right it would be impossible to distinguish between them if the player were color blind thank you for this post and good catch - Sneaky

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agree,i dont like the new potion images. they should change them back to what they used to be and make them have different bottles. or they should make a colorblind mode for colorblind people.