Feedback from Silver Pass session user/investor experience

This feedback is constructive and tie in my objective and experience during the VIP Silver pass after playing VIP Gold pass.

30-year-old french man, Business Analyst / UX designer (5e) and confirmed MMO player : old player/manager World of Warcraft Alpha and Vanilla for Millenium then on Star Wars : The Old Republic. Passed on Guild Wars, The Secret World, Black Desert Online …

Having played 150h Gold VIP Access Pass.

After VIP Silver Pass purchasing without buying Space, loot a Space to invest a significant amount in Bigtime Spaces.
(As a pay-to-earn investor, I think it’s important to make sure the communication is clear and in line with our experience. This should confirm my choice to invest).

I played all classes including 70% Chronomancer on which I test the different builds.
I ended chose to play a Control Chronomancer : Blizzard / Frost / Time bubble with Staff DPS. In my opinion, this is the most representative build MMO between teamplay and DPS.

I noticed some pretty unpleasant gameplay issues :

  • First general problem, my keyboard is in “azerty” and we are forced to switch our keyboard to “qwerty” to be able to play.

  • When using staff combo, the skills bar is grayed out and prevents the sequence of different skills when we want. Clearly need to correct this blocked point, this greatly affects the user experience !

  • The Firewall skill makes vision impossible for teammates, add transparency to this skill would allow to visualize area.

  • After jumping high with our character, he takes his staff in hand instead of continuing to run without staff, which has the effect of breaking logical dynamic of the player to move.

  • In fight, putting a tree on the ground is very frustrating because grayed out in combat and we try by different movements to make it active !
    It would be interesting to remove constraints on these trees and reduce the effect time, or remove these trees to increase difficulty.

  • To pick up the loot, objects are occasionally on top of each other. Money should take precedence over items because if you just want to pick up the money, you are currently forced to pick up the items beforehand.

  • The pocketwatches management on dedicated page is unpleasant, it should be possible to manage them in each classes : one line with all Time warrior pocketwatches of the player, etc …

  • The lack of map will surely be solved later, but the experience of discovering without is not unpleasant. A quest to get the map of the area would be quite interesting and will add a logical progression in the game.

I haven’t seen a Space loot from my VIP Silver Pass session in 300 hours. I can understand the rarity but given the many hours of gameplay spent, I find it very strange that I could not see someone loot a Space !

This puts me off investing in Spaces because after many conflicting informations from developers, the Silver boxes not loot by a lot of players who have spent a lot of time in the game and the “lunar” response of BIGTIME team on the NFT : “Who tells you that the NFT uncommon will not be worth 10k?”.

A lot of confidence on the project visibly but a communication to investors / players not respectful !

A very pleasant Silver gameplay and discovery experience for an alpha. However, the experience is also very frustrating for the loot because the RNG does not take into account the playing time, the afk and too often rewards solo or disrespectful people !

Communication not very respectful towards investors/players who want simply clearness.

Establishing a good Bigtime/player ratio seems to be the basis. It would be wise to improve this point !

I stay avalaible on discord (OMiage#4996) for more informations.