Fix Camera Zoom Distance

I hope we can have an option to fix our camera distance. I always want my camera far and zoom out so I can see more enemies and health bars when running and battling. It’s annoying that every time I run and hit enemies, camera zooms in. I can’t even see my character when I’m being surrounded by mobs. Please have an option to disable that. Thank you.


What character do you use? I use time warrior and it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t aim the pointer at the enemies, but I get in front and attack.
My friend has a chronomancer and things change, it is very difficult to aim and he has to always be looking for high points on the ground to be able to play well, he has a hard time seeing the abilities that are thrown at him and the objects that the enemies drop bother him.
I also think they should change the view, put it a little higher.

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I big time support this. As a healer, this is a major pet peeve when I need to get some quick melee done in-between my regular monitoring of the team while fully zoomed out. It’s an unwelcome blinder that other MMOs didn’t force on you.

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