Fix the lag or goodbye

I’ve been observing this issue worsening overtime. Not only the lag has been getting worse, the team responsible have been ignoring the majority who have been spending hours if not days trying to get a team, find or yet alone enter a dungeon only to get disconnected. Your game is unplayable….

We are confident and we are sure that you’ll fix it. But for all of us who have suffered, we need to be rightfully compensated , it is not our fault that your servers aren’t functioning on the most basic levels. We trusted in your promise and we hope you deliver on this.

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Take heart, we are not ignoring you. We’ve already pushed several hotfixes to improve the issues you all have been reporting. Unfortunately the issue is complex and we’ve had to optimize on several fronts. This just takes some time as we optimize, profile and optimize more. We’re also trying to keep players grouped together as much as possible so it’s easier to find one another. This of course makes the problem harder.

We are listening. We have lots of things in the works based on community feedback including:

  • minimap
  • better social features
  • more dungeons
  • higher level content
    and many more. Sadly everything takes time to build, but we’ll get all this into the game as fast as we’re able.

After todays hotfix, things got a lot better with the lag, not perfect but a big improvement. We all understand that it’s an alpha stage and we do hope you understand that not allowing players to enter yet along play the game damages this games reputation, especially when there’s money invested into it. Keep up the great work and do look into the RNG issue that many gold pass players are facing since the silver pass kicked in.