Fixing Early Game for Ruby/Free Players

So the problem is, free players are not invested in the game, they will have a much shorter attention span and as soon as they get confused or don’t know what to do, most of them will not go to discord and ask questions, they will simply close the game and leave with a bad first impression.

Many new players think the game is too hard when they start because they go out into the forest and the first dungeon they find might be a level 5-10 and they go in and it’s too hard for them. That’s a problem.

To solve this… Add Level 1-3 and Level 3-6 dungeon portals in Water Town that are always available.

Another problem for new players is understanding what Encrypted Items are. Discord chat is filled with new players asking What Encrypted Items are or how to Decrypt them.

To solve this… Don’t encrypt items under level 20. There is no need to add this level of friction to new players. The number of people who ask “What are Encrypted Items?” or “How do I use Encrypted Items?” in discord should be a red flag.

No one likes Encrypted Items. To fix Encrypted Items for ALL players, see this Forum Thread:

We understand you may not be able to fix this for all players for Ruby, but at very least stop Encrypting Items under Level 20 to solve it for the new players.



Could put them here so new players don’t miss them.



Apparently there are low level dungeons on the beach. I never saw these and I think most new players miss them as well. Can’t hurt to add them to town so they can’t be missed and are near the vendroids right before the forest entrance.


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Yeah, i had the same problem when i start playing .Another thing they really need to do is put a discription for the items stats, like what the difference between dodge and evasion?
And if not why not put that in the Wiki?? Why there is not a tab with all the stats you get from equipments ?

They really miss the basic thing of a MMO

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Totally agree with this.
The portals in the beach spawn rarely anyways,but they should make them more common and be in water town like you said.

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well be good have more portals at beach after all they are good to low level players and the encrypted items just add a better explanation on the items description and a tutorial will be wonderfull too .