Fluent and Rewarding Gameplay

Problem you’re trying to solve
Saving the game from getting like any other third class mmo out there.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Hey i play this game since jade and i’m a former wow player with around 2 years of actual playtime in around 20 years of my life(i’m a real nerd). I liked this game a lot until yesterday it had its unique playstyles(yes i mean ovoid and before u hate please read) but this playstyle actually required a bit skill i started it with around 26 where u actually had to watch ur mana management and stuff to really make it work. its a bit early stage of the game to hit such a fluent gameplay so on level 32 i came to the conclusion, holy crap it is op as hell. At this moment people started asking me how i do this and adopted my playstyle The moment i hit level 41 had Gates Max Ovoid Max Fullheal 5 and Revive 5 i was unstoppable. Fullheal 5-8 seconds just as Instant revive gate on 10 seconds cd, super busted actually and not balanced from QF side but my mages hit for 2k max with a spell and i had fun perma casting, my mages had fun casting and our warrior and SB hit for 20k with 1 auto, so it didnt really feel unbalanced for my mages. but the fun part began when i turned level 48 i got to the part i could use Rend every 6-10 seconds. My rending was just op like no spell in this game i took every shield layer no matter what colour every 6-10seconds. Out of this world i mean this playstyle needed a nerf for sure and some assignement’s we’ve even talked about nerfing agi from 2to 1(before we knew the patchnotes) to prevent people from starting to playing it with level 26 because i truly believe its to early to hit such a fluent gameplay but after this patch if you find the the 2-3 gears for your class that are viable u wont have any improvement’s on how fast u can clear no matter what level u are u neither get faster due to noticable movementspeed increase nor the gameplay gets more fluent. So having 2-3 viable spells with high cooldowns is not addicting and more exhausting than fun to play.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
[Ovoid doesn’t have to be viable anymore idc, but let us have a fluent gameplay make more spells viable set ratio for spells to improve per skillpoint on 10% instead of making the last skillpoint so viable. So we actually want a variety of spells that we can use. Stop nerfing everything that made your unique playstyles, start making mobs stronger instead if u want us to be slower. Add a sidequest in dungeon where u have to kill a % of the mobs in whole dungeon to prevent speedrunning and buff agi from 1:0.5 to 1:1, to give us the feeling we improve not only in int strength and other spells but aswell in movement speed the increasement you make through items isn’t even noticable. I’m level 52 with 130MS on bags 500 Agi and i feel like im a lvl 1 human that just spawned in the elwynn forest(only wow players will understand).


Womry … energy gate literally gave you all the energy you could want… your suggestions and feedback lose all credibility when you say energy management…

I played WOW to. From start through WotLK. These abiliities wouldnt be in WoW because the ability to change the cadence of skills by the amount REFG does breaks all ability to balance all chars.

In WOW they use two things to balance Chars…
Timer on skills

before the patch, QF had the ability to GOD TIER boost both of those making all classes broken AF. Currently QF is still the most OP class in the game… my current poor STR build hits harder than all the whiny TW who dont understand all the skills TW have available… i literally hit for over 2.5k per swing with my 1HH.

Move on REFG cant exist in a balanced game

You didnt even read my solution or anything at all its okay :slight_smile:

so you play a support class and hit harder then the dps class, and you think thats right?

i think you dont understand the purpose of this class.

fair point… i am exhausted with ovid whinning my bad…

Yes viable spells is an issue QF healing is either beam or full heal… no reason to use any other spell
chrono is FoF blizzard time storm… all else is garbage
TW is rage loTD all else is garbage

Point being… make skills of all sorts closer to same DPS over longer battles… (+1 point for womry)

Stop punishing your gamers (point2 for womry)

disagree with speed… give me a mount outside the dungeon… nfts please


NO i dont think it is ok… in full transparency … this was my message to the team on Saturday after having 3 hours in the new build on staging

“I know this will most likely fall on deaf ears… but i am begging the team to not push out the next hotfix without addressing the gates. Currently can boost TW to over 36k damage per crit. Chronos can get dots for over 1k and my own QF… the support class to normal swing for over 2k damage. This is completly and uterly broken. It will ruin the meta for the patch period if not addressed. @Buckmonster
“Piggy backing onto the above message has the team thought about how the mass exit of points from agility will impact the damage ecosystem? Without a proper check on the numbers this will currently in my estimates = a minimum of 100 and max of 350 points of players from agility into either strength or int… this will inflate damage numbers and without the implementation of higher level content risk all higer engaged members to slog through very underleveled underhealthed mobs”

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my point i was trying to say after u find the gears u need the game itself feels too unrewarding regardless of the nft’s you just dont really feel the way u get stronger u cant feel the great progress anymore… which is really unrewarding

correct issue with the core gameplay that we have brought up to the team… levels only mater till like 30 and only as far as skill points matter… stats points only get you 10% of the way skills are 90%

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Thanks for the feedback. Give me some more examples of rewarding. Game examples when possible.