Focus on Fun Next Patch

Just my opinion on an opportunity for Devs to pivot from “restrictive hot-fix” to a fun update focused on making our dungeon running experiences more enjoyable. I know the team is aware of most of these issues, and maybe they are planning to work on them or implement them now that item requirements are done. Each step is a process, and we all need to be patient.

With that said, here are the items that would certainly make the game less frustrating and a heck of a lot more fun (updated with #leaks for next patch):

Dungeons too large, boss rooms not fun, hard to find level 10-20 dungeons, time warrior whirlwind, time warrior taunt, angry mob quest, soul drain, exp group penalties, pocket watch exp transfer…

Dungeons too Large:
Next Update: Dungeon length shortened

Pefect Boss Room:
Most Important to Fix Next Update

Level 10-20 Dungeon Gap:

Item Level Requirements:
Next Update: Easing of Item Level Requirements (5 level range)

Time Warrior Whirlwind:
Next Update: Whirlwind scales with STR

Time Warrior Taunt:
Next Update: Aggro being investigated, cool enhanced taunt mechanics in a future update

Angry Mobs Quest: No one likes it, but we understand the reason was to prevent speed running. Problem is this quest is triggering for all groups, even when they are moving together and killing mobs as intended. I have a solution for this though. Only make them angry if we aggro more than 20% of the mobs we killed. If we killed 100 mobs to get to the boss room, 20 or less could still be aggro and it would not trigger the angry mobs mission. This could also be a static number, simple example: If angry mobs < 20 then skip angry mobs mission.

Soul Drain: Think about replacing it with a new mission.
Next Update: Soul drain fixes. Won’t show up as the second objective, and other fixes

XP Penalties for Level Disparities: If a player is too high level above or below you, the experience reward is greatly reduced, making it hard to find groups and level up. Only way to compensate is to do higher level dungeons that drop items you cannot wear. Creative solution that doesn’t penalize level gaps in groups is needed.
Next Update: Small improvement to XP rules for grouping

Pocket Watch EXP Transfer:
Future Update: There’s a cool way to benefit from pocketwatches you are upgrading

Pocket Watch RNG Rank Reqs:

Artifact Fragments on Boss Mobs:
Next Update: Work on increasing the coolness of artifact fragments and chest rewards, lots more to do

Low Level Loot is Bad:

Fix Player and Enemy Scaling Issue:

Dungeon Level Ranges Too Wide:

All Players wanting to Max Intelligence:
Next Update: Fixer - healing scaling on wisdom + some other attribute ability scaling fixes
Future Update: Shadowblade skills scaling with Dexterity

Even just the top few things on the list would make a huge impact to the quality of the dungeon running experience and make it more fun for everyone.


This one should be noticed by the team, especially the perfect boss room idea, that idea was not noticed for a long time ago, I hope the team sees this.

so big time will be more fun to play so the player will go back, and as of this current patch lot of players quit the game for not being fun and too long and boring. I hope the team makes the game fun again


This post addresses most of the things I have talked about with other people, however I would also add the following 2 items.

  1. Not being able to hold aggro.
  • This makes it difficult to pull enemies into the Soul Drain or to Tank.
  1. Quantum Fixer does not currently have a stat that pertains to healing.
  • Currently there isn’t a stat that makes it healing stronger. There should be a stat or skill that allows you to increase your healing. Example - Chrono has Intelligence and Crit to make the damage stronger. Quantum could have something like wisdom or Crit heal skill to increase healing on skills being used.

Yes those 2 things need to be fixed. Aggro needs to be fixed and Wisdom should make healing better and effect quantum fixer skills. This has been discussed here:

Aggro especially, needs to work right for the dungeon running experience to be fun.


Maybe in boss room they make an Mini Boss and a Final boss(with an Pattern Attack). They can make the map small but they need to set an trap to make the Dungeon harder. It will be trilling right?


I would love to see a balance update for the shadowblade because currently it feels horrible leveling it up the abilities are the blandest in the game. The abilities that require you to be behind a mob don’t hit reliably the mobs spaz around making it almost impossible to even get behind them and the abilities like smoke bomb and invisibility still have the bug where mobs stare at you after you use them not attack you but stare at you so they rotate when you walk behind them watching your every move making it actually impossible to use 4 abilities from shadow blade.
The hole class needs balancing really bad the Dmg the abilites do is weaker then every other class the way I see shadow blade is a pure burst or bleed character with high cool downs but huge dmg and currently its high cooldowns and very low damage even the ability sap that has the added effect of a stun is so weak the stun lasts maybe 2-3 seconds witch in game is nothing and it requires you to be behind the enemies witch due to the bug is almost impossible right now. the only ability’s I use as a shadowblade are ninja leap and vorpal edge now since invisibility has been nerfed almost into the ground and shaped charge dmg has been nerfed back stab and all other back stab type of ability’s are still bugged it just doesn’t feel like a fun class anymore and I would really love something to been done or at least some news about it being looked into. Dont get me wrong I love shadowblade and it has been the only class I have played since gold but It just is not good and needs changes I love the game and I cant wait to see the future I know the shadowblade will be at a good point some day soon !

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As a former shadowblade,i agree with all of this.

To help explain the problems and fixes in more detail, I posted some YouTube videos that takes a deep dive into each of the issues here in this forum thread:

Thank you everyone for the support, this has been a collective player effort. Hopefully we will see some of these things fixed properly in the upcoming hotfix/patch!