Fragment trader didnt give me anything

Fragment trader didnt give me anything

Frankfurt charlie

17.35pm ish(GMT+2) 4 nov 2022

I had 10 fragments. I traded them to the trader in the screenshot,i got nothing in the end. Maybe i was too fast but i want my frags back if possible.

Hi Gootsy.
Its normal in the game, it has happened to almost everyone (if not everyone). It has happened to me a few times.

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Hey @Gootsy, I’m sorry you encountered this issue, I’ll go ahead and log it in. Is it possible that it gave you some gold or an item and you just missed it? Do you have any additional information that could be useful for us?

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I didnt see any new items or nfts. Im not sure about gold. But nothing appared on the right side of my screen. When i get an item or nft,it should appear on the right.