Fresher UI Soon?

I think revision of placeholders and update some UI elements would be a nice change.

I feel like a few of screen text and 3d widgets updates would really freshen up the experience.

Simple adjustments like:

  • Background for text elements.
  • I could go on but I think with picture examples would picture this better.

Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about:

Compared to:


  • the mini-map icons show what type of character they are.
  • 3d widget elements have nice transparent background with border.
  • game has animations for the UI as well.

Some Feedback:

Chat-Box could be bigger feels cluttered. (Maybe add a feature to Adjust it.)

I like the scale in-out on the (!) but would like to see a fresh VFX added and transparency.

Example from GW1:

While were at the topic of UI why not add a Enemy/Player marking system too. That needs UI:

Example from Battle Field(game); we can integrate that with the new mini-map for extended functionality.

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good ideas and examples, very thorough post! keep up the great recommendations! :smiley:

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