Fudge the reset

Problem you’re trying to solve

The devs think it’s a good idea to reset my player progression every 2 months. IT’S NOT

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

I’m just quitting this trash game

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

What is the point of getting a new pocketwatch if the devs keep resetting your s***(stuff, i mean stuff) anyways, why does the pocketwatch even exist if you won’t be able to grind 2 of them before getting reset and starting again from scratch.

Why the devs just reset the stats, but don’t change the current pocketwatch system if it causes bugs and people to lose stats/skill points.



Problem you’re trying to solve

The devs think it’s a good idea to reset my player progression every 2 months. They should learn to code better or they take their time instead of making dumb and rushed decisions

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

I’m bored of the game/devs

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

There is not enough new content, NEW MAPS to justify replaying again from scratch.

There is not enough new content, NEW CHARACTERS/ CLASSES to justify replaying again from scratch.

Why would i make for the third time a chronomancer pocketwatch that takes hundreds of hours to get to any relevant level like 40+?

if you want to reset stats you should make new more powerful classes for me to play with, i’m not playing the same empty and boring game, with the same character again every 2 months with no new content that’s for sure.



*The procedural generation literally copies and pastes lanes/parts of the maps that existed from day one and generates new maps almost equal as those models= same recycled trash content call of duty style

Bruh, did you read the disclaimer on the game start up? It’s in early stage. I think a reset is good, gives everyone a chance to be on the same level again.

The maps do need some more randomness to it and maybe more objectives. I think being able to destroy your surroundings would be a good addition too.


Resets are actually good for the players economy in a sense believe it or not. On top of that why is it such a bad idea to reset? I read your points and i can’t seem to agree with them. I know there isn’t “Enough content” however that’s what Big Time is currently working on so. It’s also in an ALPHA build so don’t expect it to carry over? Like really? We’re lucky we’re even able to collect NFT’s… Most games in an alpha state would disable them. Don’t get me started. The reset is needed. WE got people sitting close to max level (NOT SURE WHAT IT IS) PAST 55+ tho. IIRC… so yeah you won’t change my mind on this but maybe someone elses.

RESET RESET RESET! I’m readyyyyyyyyyyyy for it :slight_smile:


The thing is that you’re likely missing the point on why resets are done in the first place and why the existing reset matters.

1. Pre-Alpha State

In any builds between pre-alpha or closed beta, it is very common for resets to occur. If you think they will never reset your progress on a game at its current state is kidding themselves.

2. Complete Change to Progression

As they leaked recently, we’re getting a skill expansion, which is significant to anyone playing right now. This also means that how you go about it in the tree will also change, and it can affect the existing progression of dungeoneering.

3. Pocket Watch Skill Bug

It sounds like they fixed the skill point issue, but since we’re getting a progression change it also means we’re likely having constant updates to how skill points are rewarded. As well as skills being discovered by Trainer NPCs (something we’ll have to check on our own).

A lot of what you’re playing is “proof of concept” features, such as the map generation. Yes it’s very rudimentary and simple, it’s likely getting an overhaul later on as I too am not a huge fan of it currently. Doubt it’ll stay the same, and we also don’t know if new classes will be added before release. Classes tend to be a post-release update and even then you’re playing simulations of “Day 1 - Day Y” updates so this is always going to happen.

If you wish to quit then go ahead, you likely have done so by the time I reply to this post. If you haven’t yet, please understand you’re playing a pre-alpha build of a game. You knew the disclaimer ahead of time when playing and you know how the Devs of this game decide on wiping progress.

The last time they wiped progress was because people essentially skipped content and had god tier armor early on, I’m surprised another reset took 3 months, sometimes they come sooner than that.

I don’t know what you’re expecting, but any grand changes to the core progression of any alpha / closed-beta build will likely create resets. I just get confused by players that think they’ll have their data saved forever the moment they play MMORPGs under development.


Sorry to say but you’re rude, just from the way you’re talking about the game.
There are people that this is going to be their 3rd, 4th or 5th wipe/reset and they’re totally okay with that (again… Not happy with this but it’s understandable).

2 points for this post:

  1. Planned wipes happening when the progression is dramatically changing and the team indeed trying to not wipe players, imo for data collection and whatnot the “best” kind of method would be to wipe you every single week as new players coming in- this is not the case right?

  2. This patch A LOT of stuff coming in + to be honest the level gap between low lvl players and high level players is WAY TOO BIG, a wipe can unite us the players especially now.

As a community member… It feels like you’ve been burned out from playing, same like me and many others. A good suggestion might be to take a break and “decompress”, enjoy life and nature and when you feel fresh… Come back to a brand new game because the game will be completely different.

Another important view on this is… Well let’s face it, it’s still in heavy development and the game really is in a pre alpha phase, this is where we’re coming into play to give feedbacks, test things out and make the game better so when global launch will hit- we will have a kick a$$ game to enjoy from.

Take care and don’t stress it bud, no one likes wipes but it’s understandable and personally I can’t wait to get a brand new fresh game to enjoy from + meet more members from the community.

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