Fun Features For Big Time!

Problem you’re trying to solve

The problem i’m trying to solve is there should be a series of things added to make the game more enjoyable and more fun. This does not mean the game is not already fun and enjoyable. There should be a storage feature added for pocket watches, gear, and not NFTs because that’s what space is used for from the info im getting at. The storage could be in each hub/city. There should also be a mineral deposit refinery where you can refine the minerals you have into better minerals Example common ore would turn into green ore. These are just some thing’s i feel like should be added. This wouldn’t exactly be a problem but it is when you get up in rank and you got way more pocket watches than you know what to do with them lol. Some other ideas i feel that should be added are different portals that way each district is distinct in it’s own way. These are pretty simple but good features that should be added to make the game more grindable in a sense you can say. Other things you could add are a market place for selling of pocket watches, gear etc so people can buy their way up from grinding if that makes sense.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel pretty solid about my ideas however in game i feel like there’s a bit lacking in terms of content but that’s just pre alpha it’s supposed to be like this in a sense.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
There’s a lot listed above that we could take into consideration some more things i think that should be added are.

*Sailing And Rocket ships to different galaxies and different islands would be awesome. Even jetpacks landing to different layouts on the map would be sick as well.

Additional storage has to be approached thoughtfully, because this is one of the few “convenience” things that is not pay to win and can be used for Space or Tokens to give them value. I have heard there will be the ability to fast travel from one waypoint to another. Marketplace is a tricky one, there has been much discussion on this.

Let’s be patient and wait for these updates and see how they decide to implement them.