Fun NFTs and Cosmetics

An interesting idea could be to introduce funny cosmetics for skills and gear in this game. For example carrying around a hotdog for a sword, portal surprise could drop a donut on the enemies, arcane storm could rain a bunch of glitter on the enemies, quantum fixer turrets can be given a name or a different look. This game already has humorous elements like the dancing binos and cyber pirates. Obviously we can’t make it too excessive because at the end of the day it’s the flair of adventure and heroism that this game is meant to showcase but just thought this could be a way to introduce more interesting NFTs to the game. Thx


That’s a Good Idea, but I don’t really think they would make that especially if it was a NFT, because it’s an NFT you know. and also if it wasn’t nft it would be weird because why would you still need NFT if you have a weapon skin that isn’t NFT?