Fun, where are you?

Problem you’re trying to solve
Bigtime mission is to make a FUN game, to capture web2/3 gamers. All through the early access, and playing for over 6 months with almost everyone in my guild and randoms in Frankfurt server, it’s come to everyone’s attention that the game is repetitive. The problem here that plagues the game is repetition.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

Base on my observation, there are a few things that make this game extremely repetitive.

  1. Multiple resets: granted that these are important, but it’s undeniable it has forced a huge chunk of players to leave and when they leave, it breaks the group’s chemistry and that may force more people to either take a break or just do something else.

  2. Character class balance : In gold to early part of ruby, shadowblade’s could easily carry the whole team, a nerf on that class was imminent, but undeinably the gameplay in those stages indirectly influence every player to be a shadowblade for its speed and dps, then came the OP fixers where their turrents do insane amount of damage, that too was nerfed along with ovoid, time warrior wasn’t spared with it’s shout and fast forward today, a vast majority of group setups are mainly chronos and fixers, chronos for damage and healers to heal and boost their mana. There’s hardly any room to have a different group meta which again makes it repetitive.

  3. Ranking system: In addition to the repetitive group play setups in most teams we’ve come across, the ranking system deterred players from starting from scratch again. Put it simply, most players would just keep on playing their existing PW, most of them just hate the idea of restarting, relevelling. Would love to see how existing progress can be transferred or upgraded and not having to restart.

  4. Stat/skill point bug: Another game killer is that players lose their skill points, forcing them to painfully restart. This bug, i’ve experience it myself about 5 times since gold pass, this ought to get fixed, it is a priority. This makes is again, ultra repetitive and a punishing experience.

This section focuses more on gameplay:

  1. Character skills: IMHO, Gold to Jade phase witnessed alot of colorful builds, TW can throw arrows, whirlwind, basic attack with LOD was good, you had 3 viable options to go with. SB honestly till this date only has one, maybe two viable build, traps or vorpal. QFs can go smiter build, ovoid build, turrent build or pure arsenal gate basic attack build. Chrono’s im my oppinion is the most balance in terms of options, from cold, fire, rifts and time, lotsa options with this class. Yes, I recall a time where i was so interested to try out these fresh builds. But the nerfs and the need to support chronos, lots of the characters skills are greatly reduced and drastically limited. I look forward to a time where there are 2 to 3 viable builds for each class on both the offensive and defensive side for a more colorful group play. And not the same repetitive class play that each meta has force players into.

  2. Character skill animations: TW super thrust and rage looks exactly like SB’s vorpal edge and backstab. QF healing aura looks exactly the same as TW LOD, with only a color change. Of all the classes, there’s a really nice array of visual animations for the Chronos. I hope they give the same love with the rest of the classes, otherwise the whole game visual aestheic comes across repetitive.

  3. Predictable monsters: After a couple of days of gameplay, any average gamer would know where the monsters, bosses will spawn. It does not pose any threat or surprise, you actually know where they are. Again, adding to the problem of repetition. Would love to see more element of surprise, catching you off guard, stepping on traps and suddenly your ambushed, things like that.

  4. Predictable maps: Understand that it’s in alpha, and something to take note for the future. Same repetitive concerns as with the above point, every player knows exactly where to run, rest and give portals. Make the areas of map hidden, or can only be revealed once certain objectives are cleared, why not even separate half the team in different areas and they have to find a way to be together again.

  5. Repetitive objectives: Pretty clear that the angry mobs quest isn’t well received. Whenever soul drain pops, everyone in my team go “!@#$, soul drain again!” , data points, faunas. I feel that not only are they repetitive but highly unrewarding. I hope these quests are just for the testing phase and they will get more interesting, meaningful and actually fun that makes people wanna do it during global launch.

  6. Removing agility from gameplay: If the intention was to prevent speedruns, then this needs to be relooked into. Agility before the nerfed gave players increased movement speed needed to complete quest and more importantly the ability to move around to avoid being hit or trapped in tough situations. This in my humble oppinion frustrates players because there’s no other way to allow them to dodge. Currently the agility stat states it’ll give you some sort of evasion, problem is that you still get hit, and at times cancels your cast. We love to manually doge and get out of tough situations with higher agility and peform casting attacks, this is what every skilled gamer wants.

  7. Higher rarity NFTS at higher dungeons: This needs to looked at seriously, the quality of nfts need to be scaled according to the levels of the dungeons. The game can’t just be all based on a luck approach, it is a MMO afterall. I believe it’ll make the whole experience more rewarding, something to look forward too and get players to be more active.

  8. Adding selective waypoints: Running around the vast map is tiring and repetitive. There were suggestions to add waypoints, but they are not being used because they don’t work. What people really want is to have way points in each region so they need not have to spend all their time running.

  9. The need for clarity on character stat system: As of today, no one knows what having more dexterity or more vitaly actually benefits your character. Can bigtime team provide a chart or a sheet so players actually know how to build their characters to hit specific breakpoints, immunity etc?

This section focuses on techical game issues:

  1. Still experiencing 5k penalty death upon entering portal
  2. Exiting syphon portals after killing boss is impossible with all the loot blocking the exit
  3. TP bug still exist, dosen’t show up for party members.
  4. Lighting too bright and way over expose in cave dungeons
  5. NFTS looted not appearing in cosmetics and in the users account
  6. Jumping in certain spots and in crowded mobs can accidentally cause you to fly and … die.
  7. Dense mobs causes severe lag and eventually death for the whole party
  8. Addition of new potions unsuable due to the lack of more hotkeys

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Above are a collective and representation of many players i’ve played with. The state of FUN is vital for the success of this game and the way i see us going forward as a bigtime family is to approach each step with felixibilty and honesty. We understand that this takes alot of work and time but we hope the DEVS get a chance to look into the above matters and get back to the community in some shape or form as the recent hotfixes was an opportunity to show progress, instead it has created more frustrations.

Happy for anyone to contribute and share their constructive views/ideas on making the game more fun in this thread.