Game Crash/ Unable to Start

I am about a level 38 Silver pass holder and was just playing the game for several hours until the game decided not to work for me anymore. I keep logging into the world map then I am immediately kicked back to the home screen with the error that reads: "Server Forced Disconnect Broker Failed to confirm join. (please login again). Yes I tried to end task and restart app, yes I tried to restart my pc, yes I tried to repair the game, yes I tried different servers, no I have not tried to uninstall and reinstall yet. I have tried to relog about 20 times now over the period of about half an hour.

We had just finished a mission with a party of 6 in Icy and about 3 people left the party. I was in the world map in Icy when I tried to return to the home screen to go to a different server. This was when it started giving me the broker failed repeatedly. Everyone else in the party is playing right now so this only happened to me. I am firing my broker and withholding his last pay check.

Ok after about another 10-15 minutes of my broker failing to do his job, he decided to let me into the dungeon before he kicked me out a few more times. He finally decided to let me finish a dungeon but I am keeping my eye on him, if I have to I will take the brass knuckles to him a second time. I am watching you broker.

May I ask how did you fix this problem. Cause my friends are having the same. Thank you