Game functionalities that I think should be improved upon

Obviously one of the improvements that they should make is increasing the droprate for EAL… (this is just a long shot hahaha) Jokes aside, here are a number of things that I think the Big Time Team should improve on so that we can have a better EAL experience:

  1. Server Optimization
  • For a pre alpha game, the server situation is expected but hopefully they could have workarounds when us EAL players get disconnected abruptly.

1.1 Scenario: A party of 6 was able to find a dungeon with a time limit of 1 minute left. Suddenly, one of the players got disconnected and when he/she reconnected again, his/her character was ported out of the dungeon. Unfortunately the time limit to enter the dungeon has ended so that player cannot join his/her party anymore.

1.2 Effect: This wastes so much time because it really takes an effort to create a party especially for a solo player ( sometimes we get lucky if we get automatically invited once we logged in). This also lowers morale because we would be so amped up to start the dungeon hoping that the NFT RNG Gods will bless us with wonderful loot. But that is all thrown away because we got disconnected…

1.3 Workaround:
1.3.1 Possibly, when reconnecting we dont get ported out of the dungeon but rather once we relog
again we get automatically ported in the dungeon we were disconnected from
1.3.2 Maybe Big Time team can make a “summon party (dungeon)” Potion so that if the dungeon
time limit is over the disconnected player can still access the dungeon where his/her party is
involved. The potion can only work if the one using the potion is inside that said dungeon (and if
the time lime has already expired)

  1. Improve Communication functionalities (e.g. party chat, zone chat & global chat)
  • The chat functions is very important for EAL in my opinion and with my experience, the messages show up late and the chat is not very noticeable.

2.1 Scenario: As a solo player, we will be trying to interact with the other player in the game and the chat right now is not really helping because the messages are not received in real time. There are some instances that we dont even see what the other people are saying in the party chat. (e.g. I was able to create a 4 man party the other day then when i was using party chat, its as if i was just talking to myself and also some of my message were not displaying)

2.1 Effect: This is really difficult especially for a solo player because communication is key for us, without it, it will be a challenge for us to group up and grind. Without the chat function it kinda takes away the “essence” of an MMO. Shouldn’t we be meeting fellow time travellers online and also communication/socializing with them?

2.2 Workaround: Maybe create the chat bar more noticeable and hopefully the efficiency of this function is improved. (e.g chat work in real time, better design for the chat function).

  1. After the end of each dungeon give us at least an uncommon gear drop (ranging from uncommon to legendary)
  • Since NFTs already have a low drop rate, why not award us, when we finish a dungeon, with better gear drops rather than just giving as gold coins (usually after a dungeon 2 sets of gold coins drop).

3.1 Scenario: A party have been running dungeons for 14 hours with zero nft drops

3.2 Effect: This might alleviate the issue with the NFT drop rate since now we have better gear, this might help ease down the complaints on the NFT drops because better gear = more successful dungeon runs AND more dungeon runs in general. In addition this, it will be easier for low level players to level up plus we will all have the gratification of getting strongers (can possibly be an incentive for all players because of the low nft drop rate)

3.3 Workaround:
3.3.1 Give gear drops at the end of the dungeon run with at least uncommon rarity (ranging from
uncommon to legendary)

  1. Attack Animation is kindy laggy and clunky
  • Sometimes there are instances wherein i try make a combo, but the character does something totally different.

I wouldnt know how to fix this but for your information, this happens a lot in dungeon runs especially when i start spamming left click dodge, and movement a lot.

4.1 Effect: It is very hard to time dodges and use others skills when this happens there are instances also that when the clunkiness i get massacared by a group of mobs which ultimately kills me

These are, in my opinion, what should be improved in game. Hopefully this helps Big Time Team

Cheers and good luck!