Game gets stuck when trying to get into a dungeon

A bit longer than a week ago, my game started having a bug where when I interact with a portal the game gets stuck, the character disapears, camera gets blocked looking towards the portal but the game keeps running smoothly, like if there’s something moving inside the cameras field of view, it moves smoothly in terms of Frames. It usually happens after doing like 3 or 4 dungeons. Sometimes restarting the client fixes it for like 1 or 2 more dungeons but sometimes doesnt. Restarting the PC doesnt seem to do better than restarting the client. I tried repairing the game, reinstalling it, and finally installing it in a clean new partition in a different drive. Keeps doing it. Sometimes instead of getting stuck, it just doesnt interact with the portal, like the character does the interaction animation but nothing happens. I noticed that when that happens, i can’t interact with vendroids either. happens exactly the same. And finally… sometimes i get into the dungeon but i can’t see objectives, interact with anything and sometimes even can’t see my abilities on the skillbar, i can kill stuff and complete the dungeon but then it happens the same bug when getting out of it, meaning the character disapears, the camera gets locked, nothing happens and only way to get out of that situation is ESC, EXIT THE GAME. When restarting the game doesn’t fix it, waiting like 1 hour makes the game work again, but obviously, not more than 3 or 4 dungeons and it happens again. Right now playing the game has become a bit of a problem and i cant play it comfortably because all of this issues have an effect onto my teammates as well. I’ve seen other people with the same bug. Videos below

I tried to include videos but the page says new users can’t upload attachments and it doesn’t let me include links either.

I only play in Frankfurt and New York, happened in both servers. Dungeon doesn’t matter

It started happening more than a week ago. It has been happening every day since.

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Try reporting this to support

How do I do that??


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