Game is frying up my machine

Hey team

Just to share with you another experience i’m having on the hardware side of things.

I used to run this game on the i7 2060 spec, played most games such as fortnite, diablo etc and the machine peformed pretty well, no crazy overheating, mad fan spinning. But with bigtime, it was constantly working on overdrive mode.

So i went to purchase a new gaming rig, i9 3070ti, hoping that it can handle this game when it was advertised at minim 1060, to my surprse , it is still frying up the machine.

It’s really taxing to the hardware on so many levels , and the playing for 4-5 hours, hard crashes are imminient, everytime i force shutdown, it’s killing my machine.

I understand that the team has done a few updates and probably will continue to make improvements, just want to create a new topic for others who are experiencing the same issues and hopefully get the dev team to make one of their priorities for a better overall gameplay.

The least you want is some software ruining your expensive rig.


not having this issue on my 7 year old rig or my new gaming laptop sounds like a very specific problem to your rig

Makes my gaming laptop super hot as well, this is a common issue among many. We need the option to turn down the Clipping Plan, so we can’t see as far, because currently we have to render the whole map as far as the eye can see and that causes performance issues. Waiting for reply on if they can add a slider to reduce/increase the distance we can see to allow everyone to run the game smooth without burning up.



definitely could be both my rigs. so putting a topic out there to see if others are on the sameboat with such issues. lets see

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It’s not just you, they will solve performance issues as we move forward.


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Yeah a few addons of Graphics settings like reduced particles effect from (Ability’s, Portals, Attacks from mobs and the player) Also like you said a view distance slider would help reduce the stress on peoples systems. Not everyone is having these issues but I do know many who are dealing with stress on the system due to the intense graphics and lack of settings. With that said I am sure they have this stuff in the works and are working hard everyday to Improve on the player experience. Excited to see whats to come.


I’m also experiencing performance issues, my PC suddenly feels like a mining rig with everything maxed out to 100%. I know games in alpha don’t focus almost at all on optimization, but even so, a little bit can help so we don’t fry our PCs before the game goes into beta and later releasing. Every time I launch the game I hope my PC doesn’t melt.