Game not istalling

Game is not installing, it says that the installation was not complete and aborted


already runed with admin and off my firewalls. i dont know how to solve it.

You probably have some left over files from a previous attempt or installation (usually dlls).
This usually happens when the game is not uninstalled properly

  1. Download an uninstaller . (like Revo)
  2. Once downloaded, run it as an admin and go to search and find Big Time. Once you find Big Time uninstall.
  3. Then scan for left over files/ddls and uninstall them (bigtime)
  4. Restart your PC. and see if it works.

where can i get the unistaller ?

oh, its revo i got it.
will try it now

Glad they were able to help! Hope you’re able to get in this time!!