Game won't start

I’ve attached a video of the issue i’m facing. Been trying all day to play but it just won’t start.

Oh, forgot to mentioned that i uninstall and reinstall the game like 5 times and it still dosen’t work.

Someone had a similar issue earlier, and was able to resolve it by reinstalling DirectX IIRC. Could try that.

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I am sorry you are experiencing this issue @Chant If you have not tried already try reaching out at support section or in the official discord sorry again you are having this issue and hopefully it is resolved soon. -Sneaky

This is the issue i had on my gaming laptop and installing dx fixed the issue

@Chant Try what @Kingperrin1 suggested and let us know if it works please, Thank you. I hope this works for you and you get to have some Big Time fun on Big time. :grinning:

Yes thank you, it’s been fixed. However, its been literally FRYING my machine. I purposely bought a new RTX 3070ti because it was frying my 2060. In hoping that it’ll be better but there it’s no different, it fries any machine.