Gameplay issue #1 - Staggering/animation cancel ( aza )

There are many big issues with games core gameplay mechanics and design that i would like to get into each one of them in different posts so it wont be a wall of text.

There are two issues with the same effect that need to be changed as soon as possible.

1)-------- Any mob in game can stagger any player upon their attack animation. That is really annoying and really breaking the pace of action. That should be happen in those rare cases a BOSS having a stun skill OR a mob way above character level hits you with a critical or something similar.
2) ------- And considering the same issue, add ANIMATION CANCEL in game. If for some reason i want to jump or move before my animation ends for whatever reason i should be able to cancel my attack animation. Im not saying SKILL animations should be canceled all together, even if they should imo, but you get the point.

When i start casting something or when im in the middle of hitting something i should be able to cancel that move whenever i want to avoid a hit or position myself better. This is a fundamental gameplay issue that needs to be changed because the way it is now its getting really frustrating, specially for melle and 2 handers.

Gameplay issue #2 will come later so we wont spam forum


Stuck in emote poses can get you killed lol.

I get what you saying but those are bugs and glitches that are not core gameplay oriented and can be easily fixed.

The deal here is to make Bigtime a blast to play and for that to happen needs alot of polish and tweaking for that. Attack animations shouldnt be stopped when you get hit, in most cases even, not only because is annoying but shouldnt be happening in the first place. Animation cancelation when you jump or try to strafe is a given for similar action RPG genres let alone old MMORPGs, we need to have that too.

I want to focus and bring those up to the team because i see people focusing too much in QoL and glitches let alone NFTs rather than the most important thing which is the core mechanics and gameplay. That is the first thing that needs to meet the AAA criteria more than anything else. Without it game wont achieve what it wants to achieve and that is to be an AAA experience and bring in traditional gamers on board.

Since we are in pre-alpha many things might change and bring gameplay up to AAA standards and be a trully fun and exciting experience. Thats my sincere take

Regarding any monster can interrupt attack animations. In diablo 2 it would be if a monster or attack/projectile does 1/12 your characters max hp you then get staggered. Thing is this game has evade maybe you want to focus on using that instead.

I dont think the solution to this problem im reffering to is to focus on evade, specially as a tank oriented class. Also the staggering in Diablo 2 was way less and way more minimal than what you get in Bigtime. In Bigtime you find youself on the ground numerous times and takes ages to get up. There is literally zero reasons for that to be happening, literally.

The trip does take a while to get up. They should speed it up. I was going to suggest that but haven’t yet. You could do that yourself.

Also block is in a weird stage right now, I’m not sure if that’s how they intend it to be; where you can’t move or rotate. That would help the combat situation too.

Game needs alot of work , tweaking and polish as we speak. I hope they delay it till its ready.