Gears decryption

Title/ Description

Gears decryption doens’t always work as expected

Environment & build version

Build Version : CL39193 Pre-alpha


  • NPC ( Non-player character )
    • D3cryp70r
  • Inventory
    • Gears
  • Combat
    • Skills

Steps to reproduce the Bug

This bug can be reproduce each time you do the following

  1. put an encrypted gear of your class in one of your inventory bag
  2. open the D3cryp70r
  3. right click on the encrypted gear
  4. click the decrypt button

Expected Result

The encrypted gear should be decrypted without changing your equipped gear

Actual Result

The encrypted gear is not decrypted and placed to your first gear slot; making inaccessible the ability your current gear gave you before the decryption

Visual Proof


  1. Put the encrypted gear in your “global inventory”
    Big Time Bug Workaround 1 : gear decryption - YouTube
  2. Drag&Drop the encrypted gear instead of right clicking to it
    Big Time Bug Workaround 2 : gear decryption - YouTube

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Have you experiment this bug ?

  • Several times myself
  • I experienced it just once
  • I have seen others experienced this bug
  • I have heard/read others complaining about this bug
  • I wasn’t aware about it

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