Global launch and items

I know this is kind of a passionate topic, but please hear me out.

I am a silver pass holder who also convinced several friends to get jade passes.

I have a small discord with about 15 people ive met in game. We play and grind together.

We all get low nft drops, one player in the group has the worst rng and hasnt gotten a single nft yet.

We havnt cared about nfts that much because we were happy grinding for items.

We have put a lot of time into figuring out builds and accumulating items for various classes. Finally we are getting stronger so we can do more challenging content.

It has been brought to our attention that we may not get to keep our items now???

Some of us paid several hundred dollars, have little to no nfts, but were kind of ok with it because we thought we at least would be able to keep our gears, pocket watches and items.

If you take that away from us, the actual fans of the game who are actually happy playing and farming in game even tho roi seems non existent, then our motivation to play the game may drop to zero.

We have beed stout supporters, buying space and eal access passes, even through this bear market which is zero your fault, but some have paid an arm and leg for assets worth a mere fraction of the original cost.

We have been trying to be positive and clinging to the idea that at least we found each other in game and have found some pretty good items for our characters.

It’s not much, but its a silver lining.

But… now we hear there is no silver lining? Or is there?

Please let us keep the pocket watches, items, ore, and gold we have been working so hard to gather.

Take our levels, whipe our levels to zero… but leave us our inventory!!!

If you take it all, some of us will litteraly have come out of this with nothing.

Can we at least have a vote? Can we put a community vote to keep or reset our items? At least allow us to decide the fate of our hard work and the money we spent.

Heres to hoping…


Absolutely agree with my friend. We all know the different prices of each pass but I’ve heard from many that some gold pass have already more between 200 and 400 nfts while the average of silver because I’m silver too are between 10 and 30 luckily. Also I have heard from others that also some Jade passes have had collected more items that some Silver.
How’s that possible? Why so much inequity?
Please make fare this game and if we (as Silver) don’t have the same benefits as Gold either we shouldn’t be close to Jade at any lvl. We and you all know the different of prices and drops between Silver and Jade so at least respect that.
About the gear and Watches Im completely agree with my friend about giving us the chance to keep it.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m a Jade Pass holder. I’ve played every day since it opened. I have close to 80-100 hours of time spent and $600 for the Jade Pass, and I haven’t received a single NFT yet. I’ve seen about 5 total go to other players.

So, if I’m not going to be able to keep the items that I grinded hard for, and I don’t get an NFT, then where is the value I paid $600 for?

This was pretty well known and announced by Big Time that everything would reset at public launch except for the NFTs. This has to be done for a couple reasons:

1 - It’s only fair that everyone starts out from scratch on public release. It would give way too much of an unfair advantage if early pass holders had a full set of T6 gear to start and blow through content past everyone else.

2 - In early access they are still balancing dungeon difficulty, skills that made it super easy to get high level gear etc. This certainly wouldn’t be fair to let people who got a ton of gear before these fixes were in to keep it.

I agree it could have been made more clear that everything would reset except your NFTs, like maybe could have shown that in the description of the early access pass.

With that said, they did not try to hide the fact that everything would reset on public launch. I feel bad for people who bought a pass thinking they would keep level progress or items, but it really is only fair that things reset for everyone on public launch.



Nfts are really hard to get in jade, if you dont play the right way.

Make sure youre a 6 man group, that youre entire group are really close in levels, and kill everything in the dungeons, then i promise you, nfts will be dropping :slight_smile:

Ppl who are still speedrunning and dont care about level range in party, gets sooo little or nothing.

Hope this will help you new players :slight_smile:
Best of luck

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I have wished that we would keep the PWs and loot we have accumulated in EAL as we move to the public release, but I have heard good arguments why its best if everyone starts from a clean slate.

Bottom line is that now I know what gears are key, how to level up quick, and I’ll still be light years ahead of newbies coming into the game. To practice the restart, I have already leveled up 7 Time Warriors at different stages. Once you know the game, your lvl 0 character can get to lvl 10 in 2 or 3 dungeons, and its off to the races after that. You know what equipment you need and what gears make you powerful. Newbies will be selling gears to vendors you can pick up quickly.

So, while I am sad to loose all the items I have accumulated, I will be able to come back quickly. You too.

I felt the same way originally - even have a similar post. But having seen the disaster with Diablo Immortal, I think it is actually very important that the game not have any hint of Pay to Win, even if it means I lose out a little. I think the drop rate for Silver has been a bit of a mess. Still, its a great game - We need to give it every possibility to succeed

OFC you will not get to keep anything except nfs when global launch hits.

This would give a huge advantage to everyone who played EAL and that would not be fair. We paid to play early, and had a higher drop rate of nfts. Not to get an unreal advantage with items or pw´s when game launches.

That would make thousands of thousands never wanting to play this game, if they favored players this much.

In my eyes, this would be the dumbest thing you could ever do in a game like this.

I actually think they should reset the game when ruby join, so we all start from scratch, and so that the new players has alot of experienced players to teach them the game!!!

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