Gold Pass Drop Rates

Can someone explain why I have played 15+ hours a day, grinding in parties with 6 people, nonstop, during the gold pass period and I haven’t received a single legendary cosmetic? Other accounts that I know of have received 3+ Legendary. This is absurd, seems like the drop rates are not achieving a fair distribution of NFTs.


One reason could be because we are currently in silver pass period, other could be RNG…look how many legendaries there are on the market- barely any1 got legendary cosmetics

bless u and shall RNG gods be with u!

We don’t have official data and statistics about how many Legendaries were looted during the Gold Pass program, but there aren’t many listed right now. Also, I’m not 100% sure if from those supplies of 100, we should exclude the 39% reserved for crafting like they will do with the Gold exclusive skins. This leads to lower supply to be looted and less probabilities.

Good luck on the Silver Pass program! :+1: