GPU load is too heavy

I consider it as a bug, as it probably should not work like that.
The issue is, the game makes GPU run on 100% even when I’m on the main menu. It shouldn’t work that hard for that animation. GPU load is constant 90%+ whatever i do in the game.

It is constant, in the menu, in game, in dungeon, everywhere.

The second I start the game.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600
GPU: RX480
If i limit framerate to 30, the load goes down to ~60% (except on loading screen, which makes it run on 100% again)
I understand the system requirements are higher than my 480, but the game runs well on MUCH weaker cards as well without a problem. Some of my guildies experience the same, some of them with weaker cards running the game on 30% gpu load, which is quite strange.
It feels like not an optimalization issue, but a(n optimalization) bug instead. Feels like the GPU have to load the whole world or something always, even in the menu.

As we can see the non-reachable world is quite huge, watching the mountains and other islands Its just a wild guess, but maybe that is loaded constantly?

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The same thing happens to me, I even worry about the health of my machine.
Not only the gpu anymore, but also the cpu is sometimes set to very high levels.
CPU: Intel core i5-12600KF
GPU: GeForce RTX 3060

Hey! I did get a similar situation like this logged in, so it is something they will see! I’ll add some additional info from your post to it :slight_smile: