Happy hour? for EAL or permanent feature?

I saw someone mention in the EAL discord about a happy hour type of thing where for 1 or 2 hours a day the drop rate is increased while Early access is still live or maybe even a permeant feature I think this is an amazing idea! It gives tons of incentive to play around those times and gives a boot of moral when playing that you have a higher change. From what I saw Michael mentioned to post this here so I thought I would I love the game and can not wait to see how amazing and huge it turns out to be on full release!!
Credit to :kev0#9406 On the EAL for the suggestion


Nice! I think this would be fun but only acceptable on an infrequent basis, i.e. every friday or only on the weekend.

Yeah I think for EAL it should be everyday or maybe every other day just to give us a little boost but if its being considered for full release maybe once a month or every other week on a Friday like you said would make it fair and some how would need to be around a good time for all regions unless its done at different times on different servers that are the peak times on Friday for that region.

I was thinking about this idea for the end of the Gold Pass program. Would have been a very great idea that would have motivated people just before the transition. In somehow, I guess it happened because some hours (10-12) before Silver started, many friends and friends of my friends were getting Epics and Legendaries. Nothing official btw, just random info collected.

Thats great idea!
I heard other MMO like PSO and Guild Wars has such features too.

Or buy the happy hour with BigTime token for NFT.


This would cause people to log off after that hour, and be more detrimental to the long term health of the game. I don’t believe its needed at all.

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It’s ok to not do constantly. Just sometimes like 2 times a month.

If MMO need such kind of events!

I don’t think that is exactly true just like Shun said it can be something like 1-2 a month MMO’s thrive on events such as these imagine this happy hour is once a month and lets say there are special portals in that hour are buffed so every mob is harder with more armor or heath and maybe extended the dungeons with more quests or longer kill quests like 15-20

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