Heal bug when i change my timeline

hp bug

every where

every time


  1. when i change my timeline my hp be 500 then after 50secound it change to 200 or 250 and its a shadow blade and time warrior time line and it change back normal when i change to my orginal time line then go lobby then join again
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Idk if this is intentional but if its a bug it happens to me too. So annoying i have to get my 1.3k hp time warrior from 183 to 1.3k again.

Just clarifying.

When you switch pocketwatches, you keep the lower of the 2 HP/Energy?

This is intentional so people aren’t hot swapping pocketwatches to A) Heal themselves, B) Be able to use multiple classes too effectively when switching.

I think it is a pretty brilliant design decision myself.


Thanks for the response. It makes sense now.

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That’s not what I mean i need to send clips
Can you give me permission to send videos?