Healing Aura withdraws

Hello, I am quantum since the dawn of time, I thought that it was normal that my Healing Aura spell is withdrawn alone since always, but it is indeed the case of any other Quantum :

“Your site tells me that I am not allowed to link, and that I am not allowed to upload video?!”
So my problem is that my healing aura is always removed without me clicking on it again

Sorry for the jerkiness and the poor quality of the video, it’s not my case in game, for information I don’t click on the key again, it really comes out by itself, and sometimes when I walk, when I launch it directly, when I move back, when I jump, all the time

I have the same thing absolutely everywhere, in town, in dungeon, outside dungeon, on any server, everywhere

all the time

As I said above, no matter what I do, I even showed it as a screenshare to other quantum, nobody understands my bug

Istarengwa - RETURNERS

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Hey @Istarengwa, thanks for your report! I logged this in for the team to look into! Quick question just to rule this out, is it possible that when this happened, you had just ran out of energy?