Health/Mana Potion System

** Heal/Mana Potion System **

Problem you’re trying to solve
Health/Mana Potion didn’t much used by the player because these potion doesn’t impact to our character a lot

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Since beginning i start playing Big Time until now me personally not really using these potion because it just restores our health/mana in a small amount which seem useless in-game

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Scale up the percentage, so i’ve 2 type of plan
1.Health/Mana Potion it depend on your level more higher level you are more higher the restores amount will given
2.We made an another tier of potion like tier 2,tier 3, tier 4, tier 5, tier 6 more higher the tier more higher the restores will be, (i think plan 2 will be good as well since we’ve potion tier 1 which i believe there will be another tier with higher restores)

Note: but i believe there will be another tier potion just like point 2 since we’ve tier 1 in-game potion, maybe we will get full tier update in global launch

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Being able to slot potions to auto-use would be great, especially warding potions.

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I think if they expanded the potion system to be % of existing health / mana pool it would work a lot better and more consistently.

So regardless of the class, everyone would be generating some pool recovery at the same percentage, and not numerically.

I think having a potion (2 Slot) somewhere in the HUD could also help and we can have auto-use conditions too.


I’ve been using a lot of potions, especially when the change for energy per skill have been changed and especially when you play with a fixer without energy gates.

I’ve found myself using more trees of life instead of potions just because you regain faster.

I have 2 issues with potions:

  1. It really give a small amount to whatever its (hp/mp/alignment points etc).
  2. Cool down to use another one is too big (15 sec if I’m not mistaken).
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Hey @MORIES! There were some changes made to Health, Energy and Rejuvenation potions on version 0.23, you should give them another shot! Please let me know how they feel now.